IF-relevant podcasts

I was on the Ludology podcast, being interviewed about IF:


I’m sure I didn’t say anything that will be news to the regulars of this fine forum, but I figured I should link to it.

To make this a thread, I’ll mention Titans of Text, which had an interview with Jason McIntosh and Jacq Ashwell: https://www.titansoftext.com/22

And before that, Steve Meretzky: https://www.titansoftext.com/21


I happened upon these interviews on a podcast by two German former game journalists (not paywalled; the interviews are in English, after a short introduction in German):

An interview with Michael Gentry from 2019: https://www.patreon.com/posts/stay-forever-mit-32317592

Two interviews with Bob Bates from 2017 and 2020:

And for people who understand German, here’s an interview with Guido Henkel in German from 2019: Stay Forever Podcast
(this was actually what led me to find the podcast, as I was looking for information on his game “Drachen von Laas”, prompted by rovarsson’s question in another thread)