Interactive Fiction Podcasts

Beyond IF authors being guests on gaming podcasts from time to time, there are a bunch of interactive fiction podcasts cropping up:

Clash of the Type-Ins:
Inklecast: … sounds.rss
Radio K:

The first two are on iTunes. The last one is not, as far as I know, so you need to download the episodes and then upload them to wherever you listen to podcasts.

Any others?

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Yes, there’s the “Classic Text Adventures” podcast at

Ha – I’m subscribed to that one, too, so I’m not sure how I missed it. Thank you!

My podcast is more about video games than IF, but does touch on IF topics from time to time. I talked about PataNoir a few months ago. This week’s episode has a bit about Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which carries the spirit of interactive fiction. Next week will be the just-released Firewatch, which does also. Most of that is in prerecorded solo bits, but the rest is co-hosted by my daughter (she’s 10 now – time flies).

The Video Game Generations Podcast

It’s also on Stitcher, iTunes, Tune-In, YouTube… Zune? Not even sure where all the feed has been submitted or picked up. Just an amateur production. Something we do for fun.

---- Mike.

I have been giving a hand at GameCrimes, a podcast/blog about indie games, focused on bringing not so well-known Spanish games into the spotlight.

Last week we did a podcast with Emily Short, about her work building the IF community. She was super nice and the interview went quite well. You might want to give it a shot, here:

Building Community, Modelling Emotions: tea with Emily Short

45 minutes of Emily explaining how the IF scene has changed, where does she see it going, what could be done to grow it and lots of giggling :slight_smile:

Enjoy! :wink:

Downloading both right now.

Merk – so excited for your podcast because I can listen to it in the car with the kids. Also because Everybody’s Gone to Rapture and Firewatch are on my want-to-play list, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Stupid ios software, took me ages to get the podcast app to look for them!

Rapture was really good. For whatever reason, Firewatch didn’t resonate with me quite as much. It’s entirely okay. Just… not sure why I didn’t like it more. But over the weekend, I played The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, so I’ll talk about that on tomorrow’s episode too. I liked it even more than Rapture, maybe because it felt less passive, like you’re actually investigating. Plus, it’s a visually stunning game. It definitely has shades of interactive fiction, and even reminded me some of a certain Adam Cadre game. Highly recommended.

This is real good, thanks for the link!

I’m about to start commuting for work so I’m saving all these links with some excitement.

Also check out “Eaten by a Grue,” a fun podcast dedicated specifically to the works of Infocom. Available in all the usual places.

Some of these have already been mentioned, but I will give them my stamp of approval:

Eaten By a Grue goes over all the old Indocom games, one per episode:
The Short Game is for short videogames, including IF, and covers IFComp in depth every year:
Radio K: Ask/Tell is Photopia/Varicella/9:05 author Adam Cadre catching up on recent-ish IF (this century), year by year: if you want to add it to your podcast app]

There are a few one-off IF focused podcasts that are worth listening to, there’s an excellent one with Emily Short that focuses on NPC intelligence.

This playlist includes some of them: … fYw-2AwBZ_

I just found The Let’s Play Podcast. It’s a very poor title, but they play text adventures.

Another one, Titans of Text: “a podcast interviewing game developers from around the text gaming community, including MUDs and interactive fiction”.