Extant IF or IF-adjacent podcasts?

So, there’s a few threads on this forum asking about podcasts, but I’m making a new one since it’s years later now.

Anyways, are there any extant IF or IF-adjacent podcasts that folks could recommend? I’ve listed the ones I know about but none of them are active. Thanks!

Titans of Text: https://www.titansoftext.com/ ← seems to be on hiatus?
Clash of the Type-Ins: rcveeder.net/clash/ ← last updated 2018
Inklecast: https://soundcloud.com/inklestudios ← last updated 2016
Radio K: adamcadre.ac/audio/ ← last updated 2018


Eaten by a Grue: Eaten By A Grue, the Infocom Podcast. Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction -- The Infocom Podcast -- Monster Feet Podcasts (though I’ve only listened to the first one so far).


They have finished all of the classic Z5/Z3 games, and are now working through the Z6 games (which are, for the most part, terrible so far).

I have been trying to get them to accept some of the 1990s/early-2000s IFComp canon. I think I recommended the 2019 top-50 list last time I mailed them.

But Carrington is a fan of PunyInform and may actually be working on a game for them to play. Savetz found his old Atari BASIC game that he uploaded to a BBS once, and they put that up on the Internet Archive.

The Short Game isn’t IF-only, but has a bunch of good coverage, including doing a series of I think 5 episodes on last year’s IFComp and one a couple weeks ago on the newly-released Knights of San Francisco.

Verb Your Enthusiasm only has a few episodes, just on the past couple IFComps.

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Adventure Games Podcast - lots of great interviews on this one.

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