Interactive Fiction Podcasts

Adam Cadre has a podcast discussing IF: Does anyone know of other podcasts that are IF reviews?

How about Clash of the Type-Ins?

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I don’t know if it counts as a podcast, but there’s the three audio files of the Ashwells playing works of IF. I’ve beeen hoping they would do more in this series, but there hasn’t been one since November.

Thank you for these!

The Short Game podcast isn’t always about IF, but has a couple of IF-related episodes: (IF overview) (Spring Thing games) (80 Days)

Check It Out, Comrade! is an indie gaming podcast that’s done choice-based games on occasion (e.g., Tom McHenry’s games)

Hi, just though on updating this thread with more podcasts:

Let’s play podcast:

(a group of friends play IF while the host reads aloud and type in the proposed actions. They play modern IF and some classics)

Eating by a grue:

(They play and review all the Infocom catalog, plus some juicy extras, like the interview with Meretzky)

Any more?

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At, there’s a podcast in German, where they play German text adventures. They usually also post a Youtube video, so that one can read along.

Last week I was interviewed about A Beauty Cold and Austere for a math podcast, Relatively Prime. It’s just a one-off episode in the series, but if anyone’s interested, here’s the link:

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Eaten by a Grue is worth a listen just for the hilarious banter of the two hosts. While they clearly love Infocom, they’re not above calling out some of the silliness. Highly recommended.