XYZZY 2019 Nominations Discussion

I saw a thread like this like last year and I thought perhaps it was time to create a similar thread this year.

In previous years there have been 12 IFDB polls every year, one for every category in the XYZZYs (except Best Technological Development), e.g. “For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Overall Games of 2018”. Mathbrush has done a great job putting up the polls the last three years so I don’t want to interfere with that.

I just want to put up this thread, so people can begin to propose each other which games to check out before voting for the 2019 XYZZY Awards.

For now, I only want to propose a nominee for “Best Technological Development”. I propose the C64 Å-Machine interpreter by Linus Åkesson since I have a passion for retro-computing, but I am sure there have been several other great technological Developments in 2019.


Feel free to interfere! I just forgot, but I’ll put them up this year. Thanks for the reminder!

You can find the polls here:


I feel like ‘Best Use of Multimedia’ is going to be an especially tight race this year.

Best Implementation is interesting. Originally (when most games were parser games), there was a category called ‘Best Use of the Medium’ which was intended for parser games that had great responses and overall polish.But people kept voting for games that did cool tricks. So they split it into ‘innovation’ and ‘implentation’, where innovation was for cool new tricks and implentation was for good parser implentation (although, since everyone can vote for whatever they want and definitions are a construct of society, great programming in general often gets nominated).

If I had to vote for best implementation, I’d probably go with Sugarlawn or Pas de Deux, both really impressive games


Opinions are quite divided on “Arram’s Tomb”. On IFDB it has been given all possible ratings (1-5 stars) though it only has 12 ratings in total. I liked it and would like to vote for it in some of the relevant XYZZY 2019 categories.

I think “Arram’s Tomb” has some good NPCs or should I say PCs?

In “Arram’s Tomb” you sort of control the party of four (Thief, Cleric, Mage, Barbarian) as you make some major decisions for the party. But the characters also do a lot on their own, so I am wondering if the four party members are NPCs or PCs ?

I guess that is a pretty important distinction to be made, before voting on that game.

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Just wondering if anyone knows what is going on with the XYZZY-awards this year?

Will the XYZZY-awards be held, cancelled, postponed etc?


Looks like first-round voting just went up, running through the 13th:


Other suggestions for technological developments in 2019: