Chapbook 1.0, a new story format for Twine 2

I think that this is the right category for this kind of announcement…

I’m pleased to release version 1.0.0 of Chapbook, a new story format for Twine 2. LIke Harlowe, SugarCube, and Snowman, it’s responsible for running a story created in Twine in a browser.

Chapbook is intended to have easy-to-read source code, to be usable on mobile devices and desktop computers alike, and to be customizable without knowing HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. It also has a detailed backstage view that helps debug stories.


So cool to hear that! I had some issues playing with the pre-release versions, but I read a good portion of the guide which was extremely well written, and it got me excited about many of the author-friendly and useful features. I also love the UI and the player display mode.

Looks great! Love the presentation and potential for games.

I spent some time setting it up last night and today, first with Twee2 (which failed) then with Tweego (somewhat worked).

Even with a super simple example I’m able to get the first page working, but jumping to any links results in “An unexpected error has occurred.” All other formats compile correctly and work in the browser.

Testing Tweego and Chapbook

It's time to test Tweego and Chapbook!  
[[What are the odds of this working?->LetsTest]]

If you can read this, then the test has worked.
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I don’t really know why there would be problems with Twee2 or Tweego. I’m not familiar enough with their inner workings to know where the problem may lie. If you’re interested in using Chapbook with those compilers, I would ask the maintainers. I did try your example with Twine itself and it worked fine. If it turns out that I need to adjust my build process, please open an issue.

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A thought occurred to me: are you sure the issue is with your compiler and not your browser? e.g. can you try creating your story using Twine and see if it shows the same problem?

I’d be happy to compile the .tw files with Twine itself. I’m on Windows, however, and I’ve been wrestling with python installs, etc for hours. Looks twee only works with Python 2?

What process do you use to compile your twee files from the command line?

Tweego seemed like the simplest way to get this to work. Just seems that Chapbook, one way or another, isn’t currently compatible with it.

I don’t compile Twee from the command line, generally speaking :slight_smile:

What I’m trying to get at is whether this is actually an issue with the build process you are using, or whether it’s actually with Chapbook running on whatever browser you are testing with.

Alright! Definitely browser related with local files. I uploaded the compiled version to and it all works. Thanks for your patience and direction.