The Emily Short Anniversary Contest

You’ve played Being Andrew Plotkin. You’ve played Foo Foo. But have you played an Emily Short tribute game?

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Short’s first big game, Galatea. That conversational game with dozens of endings was entered in the 2000 IF Art Competition from March 24th to April 2nd.

So, to honor the enormous amount of high quality games, criticism, resources and support that Short has given the community over the last two decades, we’re running a tribute competition.

You have from now until March 24th of 2020 to create an IF work that is in some way a tribute to Emily Short’s work.

-There are no restrictions on format, except that it must be something you personally consider Interactive Fiction.
-It must be Emily Short-related.
-The work must have at least one credited beta tester.
-There are no prizes, but the top three games will be ranked.

The current plan is for the games to be judged by a small panel between March 24th and April 2nd, but if the response is large enough, it will be opened up to the public for voting over an extended period.

You can direct any questions to me via DMs or to my email,

Good luck!


“Memorial” is probably a word to avoid in this context. :)


Gahh! I kept doing that on accident and deleting it. One got through… thanks, lol

Great, now with the rumors going around, we are going to have to create a status web page for Emily like they did for Abe Vigoda :thinking:.

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Winner will be the author of Counterfeit Bronze, in which the protagonist returns to the castle with a letter remover.

(With the I7 sources available, this is a possible project… but perhaps not in the time frame!)


Should Beauty break the curse by turning the Beast into the Best? Or create a new exit by turning him into the East?


Or manage to escape from him because he’s too beat.


Just to check, is Emily ok with this?

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There is a puff of mauve smoke, and the Beast turns into a bearded hepcat in a turtle-necked sweater. “Follow your inner moonlight, daddy-o,” he says, his eyes burning like fabulous yellow Roman candles, “and don’t hide the madness!”


I asked her permission ahead of time, and she said that I could run the competition. I’m also going to shelve any entries that are derogatory or mean-spirited.