The Emily Short Anniversary Contest (Concluded)

I’ve got works in progress that were intended as entries to competitions whose deadlines are distant memories. Anyone remember the contest to make an updated version of Scott Adams’ Ghost Town? I worked on my entry on and off for about five years. I also can’t leave Speed-IF entries alone, I have to polish them into full-sized works. So I might enter this celebration of Ms Short, but don’t expect to see anything for at least half a decade.



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What a nice idea and a wonderful gesture, well done sir for putting this together (and coming up with it in the first place). :+1:


Is this competition going ahead? I might throw my name in the hat.



Yes! It’s still on schedule and going strong. I’d look forward to anything you put out!


Thanks! What’s the deadline and how/where can I enter please?


I’ll post an e-mail to send in your submissions on March 1, and it will be open until the 24th.


Ooh. I’m up for this. Expect a submission!


Sounds great!


Just another reminder, there’s a little more than 2.5 months before the contest begins. If you need some ideas, don’t forget to consider:

Conversational Mechanics
Fairy Tales
Physics Modeling
Procedural Generation


This is your monthly reminder!

The contest will start on March 24th, so after Ryan Veeder’s Exposition and five days before the deadline for Spring Thing.

The games won’t be publicly released until after the judging period (which ends after Spring Thing begins), so you could submit your Emily Short Anniversary Contest game to Spring Thing and fall within the rules for both competitions.



Due to a generous donation, we now have cash prizes available for the competition:

1st place: $100
2nd place: $75
3rd place: $50

Reminder that all forms of interactive fiction that celebrate Short’s work are allowed. Good luck!


Submissions are now open for the Emily Short Anniversary Contest! Send your submissions to any time between now and March 24th.

Remember, any format is allowed and there are cash prizes.

You can update your entry at any time, so feel free to submit an unfinished game and update it as you go.

Small IF contests like this one often have less than 10 entrants, and people tend to reserve long, complex games for IFComp, so the chance of winning a top prize is higher than for IFComp or Spring Thing. If you’re thinking of entering but think your entry isn’t good enough or polished enough, chances are it will be just great.

Submissions close at midnight, March 24th in the time zone of the submitter (since we don’t really know your location, it will be fine as long as it’s still midnight somewhere).

Judging will be by a small panel (not including me), who will be given carte blanche to rate each game on a 10 pt scale. The games with the highest average score will be the winners. If there are so many games that the judges would not be able to play them all in time, the contest will be opened up to public voting.

Good luck!

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13 days left! There have been no early submissions, and there will likely be a very small total number. That means that even a poorly made game has a good chance of winning something. Go out on a limb and make something fun celebrating Short’s work!

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A few reminders and updates:

-The Emily Short Anniversary Contest Deadline is in 6 DAYS
-No one has submitted an early entry yet
-There are cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50
-Even unfinished or imperfect games can be submitted
-Games will be judged privately by a panel unless the number of entries is prohibitively large, in which case it will be opened to public voting

Good luck!

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Due to author inquiries, we’ve relaxed the rule about testing. You do not need a credited beta tester anymore.


(This happening sucks. Can things get back to normal please? I have work to do.)

I guess the feeling is hard to describe, but I really wish I had tried to send my current entry to this contest. But my head is not at all in the writing process and unfinished pieces lead to unsatisfied gamers.


I’m sorry it didn’t work out! If you change your mind, you still have about a day and a half to enter!

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Two entrants have submitted their entries.

You can see the countdown for the deadline here:

It closes at midnight tonight (I used the international date line for the counter)

Announcing the results of the Emily Short Anniversary Contest:

Two games were entered.

First place goes to Kenneth Pedersen’s “Tribute: Return to the City of Secrets”

Second place goes to Ralfe Rich’s Ralfe Rich: “Don’t Push the Mailbox 2 And Aisle”


These games will be submitted to the IF archive and uploaded on IFDB coming up. You can play the winning game here already (for download or online play): Tribute: Return to the City of Secrets - ADRIFT Game

Also, due to only 2 games entering, the 3rd place prize of $50 is unclaimed.

The first 5 games published this year that fit the contest’s themes (making a game that refers to Short’s works) will receive $10.

Thanks everyone!

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