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This was mentioned by @Encorm in the Are you doing a Spring Thing thing? thread, and I kind of wanted to share one already. So I thought I’d start the thread myself :stuck_out_tongue:

As a sidenote: I was wondering how far people who submitted an intent were (I am far from being done :sweat_smile: ).
Have you started yet? Or did you start a while back and are almost ready to submit? Have you done beta-testing or are you still polishing your project?


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I started this around December 20th, but several things needed major rewrites, so I’m only 62% done, according to my spreadsheet.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be done in time, though.


Started awhile ago, got through the beginning, and decided I needed to pivot because it needs more time on the backburners to gloop about in the creative soup. Have an idea of what I’d like to submit and drafted out the big problem of the story, a conversation point, and some vibes.

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The image I had in mind when I suggested this thread:


Anyway, @EJoyce and I are somewhere between a quarter and a third of the way done, which is behind where we wanted to be but still further along than we were at this time last year! We might get like… 1 or 2 days of playtesting in this time.

EDIT: I just can’t help myself, here’s another


I started around… 18 months ago?

Edit: I’m done…


I started about 2.5 weeks ago. I sent it out for the first round of testing on Sunday night. Still have a long way to go, but I think it will be pretty polished by April 2.


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I was done a while ago, though I am waiting on some feedback. Hopefully there aren’t any major unresolved issues I overlooked…


Feeling good about The Familiar as I make my way through the first round of beta testing. Folks have been really fantastic in the process, and I’m feeling like this game will be what I want it to be in the end.


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All you can do is wait. Isn’t that right?

I made the skeleton of the game years ago so this month is all about bulking it out. Not at testing stage yet but should be there in a week or two. I certainly won’t be as last-minute as I was for PunyJam and SeedComp!


Is that your cover? That would have been great for According to Cain.


no but I suppose it’s never too late to change!


My focus at present is getting the basic mechanics going and establishing the gameplay loop. Once I have a functional model for the interactivity, I can start writing the fiction; that’s the fun part!


(Yeah it’s a screenshot from another video game because I’m creative)

Came up with the story idea when the initial seeds for Seedcomp were posted, so December 2022, and I’ve been working on and off since then. I’m somewhere between half and eighty percent done, maybe. Hard to tell for sure since I keep wanting to add more stuff (which is what got me here in the first place), as well as editing what I already have. But most of the programming and plot structure’s finished. I’m not sure how good the end product will be. Sometimes I get tired of working on it.


Technically, I started my project back in November, however, large portions of it needed to be rewritten so I’m a little less done with it than I’d like to to be. Still trying to get everything done before the deadline - I’m fairly confident I can do so. I code and edit as I go, so it’s mostly a matter of sitting down and finishing up this branch.

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I had hoped to be done and into testing by now, but I’m close!!


I had the idea for this project last year, but I started building in earnest a month ago. I just released the game to beta testers for feedback. One tester already gave me a great note that will help the game tremendously.


Your picture grabbed my instant attention and intrigued me, because I recognized it instantly. Peter Pan is a story I have loved since early childhood; I knew then (and still know now!) the original book forwards, backwards, inside-out, outside-in, upside down, rightside up, and slantwise. The picture is from the Walt Disney movie.

Could this possibly mean that you are planning to write a ChoiceScript game based on “Peter Pan,” or set in Neverland? (You could, you know, now that the book is in the Public Dimain here in the United States…)


Ok. That’s it. I know which game I’m going to play first of the Spring Thing batch.


Ah no, Peter Pan has nothing to do with my entry :stuck_out_tongue:
Just what that character is doing compared to the others.

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Are there any Peter Pan IF-works out there? The original story, the characters and a whole bunch of based-upon stories have been worked into other media, but I know of no text-adventure featuring Peter, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Captain Hook,…