Pinkunz Car Accident & Recovery Updates

I’m a little disoriented, so please humor me. I was in a serious accident. A snow plow crossed the median and struck me head on. I was cut out of my vehicle by jaws if life. I has surgery, I have more coming. I am completely disabled for thr time being, and our vehicle is completely destroyed. I can’t think straight, but I know we are going to be in very big trouble. I know this is bad and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a right to ask, but I know this is bad, very bad. I have to give the phone back to the nurse. I know I’m rambling. We will need help and I don’t know if that help will be found. I know it is unfair to ask. I have shamefug’

Please have mercy.

Handing phone back hgfon”t know when can reply,

Can’t think.


Pease helppphonev destroyed in acciden…no way to discord. Can stray awake. Have to give phiine bac. Logging ott


I got attention of the people on the Neo Discord server. Pinkunz, I don’t know how to help but I hope you’re all right. I might change the title to something more understandable but we love you. I don’t know how to help at all. This must be terrifying. Everything will be all right. We are here to help. Always.


Oh no, what a horrifying accident - I’m very glad they got you out and you’re getting care. I know it’s terrifying now but please focus on getting better right now; we’re all here to help and give you the support you’ll need.


we’re here to help you pinkz, be assured of that


Please take care!


Aw, man. My heart breaks for you. Be strong, buddy.


Just to update folks, I got his wife’s phone number from Sophia, to let her know we all saw this and are sending all the love and good thoughts we can, and are ready to help however we can. She said thanks, but understandably that was it since I know she’s got a lot more she’s dealing with right now. When I get anything else to share I’ll be sure to pass along since I know they’ll need our support.


Oh, man, you can’t catch a break. Keeping an eye on this thread obvs.


This is awful. Sending all the virtual well wishes I can - I hope everything gets better, and soon. As others have said, please take care!


Hello, this is Pinkunz. I’m sorry for contacting this way, but I can only access the hospital wifi, and it blocks (gaming) and discord (gaming?) and also email. I briefly borrowed a cell phone from a nurse to post a brief post on, but had to return the phone. I did manage to log into Seltani with a guest account, (no way to do email verification). I am in the Ferry Dock location as Guest 1. I am really sorry for the rigmarole, but I’ve been looking for a work around for probably 2 hours. Would you please post on that topic (my most recent on intfiction) that I can be reached that way? My phone did not survive the accident. Thank you and sorry again for imposing.

From a reblog on Drew’s Tumblr from Pinkz.


Oh my god, I’m so sorry and glad you’re alive. :people_hugging:

I don’t know from fundraising, but I know there are people who will set up a gofundme or some other type of charitable donation venue in situations like this. I don’t know if we are a large enough community to make any dent, and it may be too early to think about this, but I would definitely contribute.


Oh shit Pinkunz! I’m so glad you survived!

For now, just set your mind to getting through the next hour, and then the next one,…

We’re here, and if there’s something we can do (aside from hoping our damnedest that your surgeries go alright), we can get that sorted later.

(I like the twist on the English language that you managed to produce while dazed. There’s poetry there…)

Best hopes and thoughts.


I’m gonna re-post this link here; I put it in chat but I don’t want it to get lost in the scroll away:


He had to log off because the laptop the hospital let him borrow ran out of batteries, but is looking into getting a charger. Bunch of forum regulars talked- he’s gotten his info out and Mike is going to call Pinkz’s wife to check in with her soon to see what next. Mike texted her earlier also so she is aware of the situation. He was a lot more cogent in Seltani- had come out of surgery, though the painkillers were wearing off alongside the anesthesia. He mentioned going to talk to a nurse and hopefully a social worker when he can at the hospital also. Still pretty scary, but for now we’ve heard back from him and he’s like, alive, thank God.


I’m hoping all the best for you, Pinkunz. :purple_heart:


Tom & I are thinking about you and pulling for you. So relieved you’re alive.


I’m so glad I got to talk to you earlier this afternoon :green_heart: :people_hugging:
Knocking on all the woods and crossing all the fingers and toes


OK just had a conversation with @pinkunz’s wife – she connected with transportation lead @mathbrush found and hopefully will be able to get a ride to the hospital and to work, which is the immediate need. She’s going to see about getting some of the bank cards from him there, at which point it might be clearer which way of getting money to them will be most effective. She said a GoFundMe would probably be a good idea, and could be done under her name (since she’s got a more common name, so fewer privacy concerns than pinkunz’s more unique name).

I said I’d try to reconnect tomorrow when things have hopefully settled a little bit. She was very grateful to all of us and touched folks care. Will send some more updates when I have them – hopefully there’ll be a clear way for us to support soon!


He was on briefly for a bit on Seltani, some of us chatted. Pain is better managed with the OxyContin he was given, but it led to him having a bit of a difficult time threading thoughts together. Fuzzy. I’m glad that he doesn’t hurt as much, though. Hopefully he just dozed off, since he was AFK for over an hour after a BRB message. He talked about some more details of the crash over on IFMud. We tried other chat alternatives like Euphoria ports, but the hospital WIFI blocked them, so right now IFMUD and Seltani are the best bets, if not passing along information to his wife through Mike.