Movie Recommendations and Discussion

I got the opportunity to recommend one of my favorite movies private and wanted to share it with everyone else.



Starring Melissa George and a Hemsworth before they were famous. If you’ve not seen this movie, do yourself a favor and WATCH IT ABSOLUTELY COLD. Do not watch a trailer, do not read anything about it beforehand. It’s one of those you’ll be glad you knew less about going in. All you need to know is it’s a horror thriller. It’s not a jump-scare movie; there is blood and violence but it’s not gratuitous.
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Trigger Warnings, potential slight spoilers
  • drowning
  • child abuse (implied off-screen)
  • dead birds handled
  • dead bodies
  • bloody but not overtly gory murders (shotgun, knife, head pushed on small coat-hook)
  • About 15 or 16 F-Words and there are few other mild profanities.
  • Name calling (bitch, freaking psycho, retarded and slut.)

I have to say, I think Bardo: False Chronicles of a Handful of Truths (Netflix) is awesome, but many people think it’s too much. I dunno. For me, it was watched in two parts, which may have helped.
On another view, classics like The Goonies are up there for me. And I’m quite into the Jeunet & Caro movies, so Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, and Amélie are up there as well. Oh, and obviously Interstellar, Dune Pt 1 (when is part 2 gonna come out??) and Blade Runner - the original and 2049.


I’ll check it out. I enjoy horror movies and ones set on ships are always welcome.

One of my favorites (not on a ship) is The Endless (2017) - IMDb. I avoided it on Netflix for some time because I thought the description sounded boring, but the movie is phenomenal.

Also - Train to Busan (2016) - IMDb. Hands down the absolute best zombie movie I’ve ever seen.


That movie is so gross. Also, the acting is mediocre. (I don’t care who’s getting their throat ripped out, or how many people are getting their throats ripped out, run!) World War Z is, personally much better. I also like The Last Of Us - the new series.

World War Z is probably the absolute worst zombie movie I’ve ever seen.

I am

The book was a little better, the movie has little in common with it.

I found and watched Triangle completely unprepared a few years ago. I must agree strongly with @HanonO : WATCH IT COLD.

In your spoilers, you forgot the risk of mindfuck extra-ordinaire.

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Can anyone recommend movies or series with IF reference scenes?

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The Martian name drops Zork 2 and The Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

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Oh, my. I took these words way too seriously. So seriously I didn’t even have a closer look at the cast, the year the film came out or the movie poster. And now I spent 90 minutes watching an entirely different movie apparently also called the Triangle. And no, it wasn’t particularly good. Facepalming and laughing at the same time.


I am so sorry - just TRIANGLE not THE TRIANGLE. That’s why I called out Melissa George and a Hemsworth. There’s also a Tubi link that’s free with commercial breaks in the OP!


Don’t be. At least now I can tell a funny anecdote about it. :slight_smile:


I remember I was shocked to find, after watching The Room, that there was a movie called Room, of substantially different quality and tone. I wonder what other identical (except for articles) movie titles have such a huge gap!


I wonder what other identical (except for articles) movie titles have such a huge gap!

There’s One Week, a 1920 Buster Keaton comedy where two newlyweds have a week to build a house, and One Week, a 2008 drama about a motorcyclist who has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Letterboxd pages for both have reviews that read “It’s been…”


The book by Emma Donoghue is fantastic.


Oh boy, Wiseau’s “The Room” of all movies! I really enjoyed that one, but only because I knew what I had to expect from it. Watching it with serious intentions must be something else entirely. I’d almost say it puts you into a kind of elite circle of people who have watched it without knowing how bad it is beforehand. Rare to find these days, with all the buzz surrounding the film by now.

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Oh, why not mentioned in the films, I believe a promotional IF game was released with Skyfall and Interstellar.

Had a good time watching the Oscars and then immediately pivoting for a watch of “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” which came very highly recommended by friends (high credibility), critics (middling credibility), and a guy wearing the most decked-out jean jacket I’ve ever seen, who was discussing the film very loudly on the phone in a grocery store parking lot a few weeks ago (credibility unanalysed).

After watching, I have concluded that this was the best possible pathway to lead to actually watching the movie.


I am so glad it won those awards. So deserved! It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long while. It really messed me up tho :stuck_out_tongue: