IntroComp 2023

IntroComp is an annual competition where participants develop excerpts of interactive fiction, gain feedback from audience reactions, and (hopefully!) use this feedback to release a fantastic final product.

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Participants can join the group freely for now, this may change. You will get an optional title and badge for your profile and avatar!


It is great that the comp is still running but considering that this year’s comp hasn’t been mentioned here before(?) 5th of June is not a lot of time to decide to enter.


The intent-to-enter deadline is the end of June, though. And it’s the usual timing for the comp, I believe? Not that that helps you if you didn’t already know that. Older mentions:

Last June: IntroComp will be back in 2023
This April: IntroComp is Recruiting a New Organizer - Deadline Wed, April 19

But yeah, it’s very short notice. They didn’t find someone to take it over until just recently…


IntroComp is less of a commitment since you needn’t provide a finished nor tested game, and the purpose is to get feedback and testing. If you’ve got a random idea or a troublesome excerpt laying around, you’ve got a month to submit an intent and 2 months to prepare it.

Plus IntroComp has always been on a similar timeline usually running about a month before IFComp


Can we get a definitive list of which comps accept completed IntroComp games and which do not?

I know SeedComp and SpringThing were open to fleshed out and finished IntroComp games.

Can I submit a revised version of a previously released game?

The general idea behind the “new” guideline is that games should feel like a debut: they should have mostly new content. A translation of a game from another language or an extensively fleshed out version of a game prototyped in IntroComp or Ludum Dare would probably be cool; a minor improvement to an already existing game, not so much.

And that IFComp is a solid NO, but I’m a little fuzzy on the others. We didn’t address the point specifically in this year’s TALJ, which I suppose makes it technically not allowed.

The reason I ask is someone might want to plan to complete their IntroComp game for submission into another Comp, and knowing in advance which accept such things makes such advanced planning possible.


I see that Eric Brown (Feneric) has created a wiki page at IntroComp 2023 - IFWiki :+1:

Also, IntroComp - IFWiki has some details of IntroComps from 2002 onwards.


Oops sorry, you are right. I read the first date as a deadline :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Who you asking to do this for you? :wink:

I don’t have a definitive list of all other comps . IFComp is of course a no. For any other comp you may be interested to enter, I’d read their rules regarding previous submissions. If anyone else wants to chime in that’s helpful.

No one if no one answers.


Spring thing yes, they’re allowed even in the main competition.


I honestly would want to know. It would be nice to have an overview of where one could submit IntroComp demos.


I apologize if that came off slightly flippant - I was dashing that response as my break was ending for work.

If someone has a list of comps to check, post a list and I’ll do the research I guess. It’s just I really don’t know all the myriad comps and jams for text games that exist. I know about IFComp, Spring Thing, IntroComp, EctoComp, and Parser Comp. All of those have organizers or participants who lurk here and information is readily available. I’m afraid I don’t have a “Big List O’ Comps” hiding anywhere but this would be the first place I’d talk about it if I did.

My point was if you know you want to enter “ObscurePunctuationJam” and are aware of it’s existence, it might go quicker for you to look it up and append the thread here with requirements rather than sending someone else on a fetch quest! :potted_plant:


Understood and thank you. Water under the bridge.

Agreed. I was hoping to simply invite a discussion, as the folks who organize or simply help with various comps tend to frequent here. I wasn’t hoping for an exhaustive definitive list, nor do I think one could even exist, or at least not for long.

Also, I suspect that some of these Comps may not have considered this in depth yet and I wanted to give folks some space to maybe reflect on it.

And to answer your first question again in further depth, if no one really answered or no discussion really happened, then, when I had time, I would likely find myself parsing various Comp rules to figure this out and share.


Plus I routinely forget that people aren’t specifically asking me to do stuff. Force of habit!


This year’s Text Adventure Literacy Jam is underway. Rule 14 says, “The game must be an original work that has not been previously published. The game can be made public 24 hours before submissions close.”

When I drafted this, I didn’t give any thought to IntroComp games. If the game is the final (expanded) version of an IntroComp game, then I tend to think that it would be elligible. TALJ also has the extra requirements that it must be beginner friendly and include a tutorial. These would not necessarily be in the IntroComp game. It’s something we need to consider next year.


Here’s a provisional list (caveat: I’m not an organiser for any of these events, so no guarantees):

Finished IntroComp games allowed:

ParserComp: ParserComp 2023 -

Can I enter the full version of a game I entered into IntroComp?


SeedComp: English

[Planting Round:]

You can submit:

  • Unfinished IF projects

[Sprouting Round:]

You may use your own seed from Round 1.

(Although if you don’t combine it with someone else’s, you won’t be eligible for awards. I assume that means one couldn’t enter the IntroComp version as a seed and then finish it for the sprouting round and remain eligible, unless one also used another seed?)

Spring Thing: Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction

A translation of a game from another language or an extensively fleshed out version of a game prototyped in IntroComp or Ludum Dare would probably be cool; a minor improvement to an already existing game, not so much.

Finished IntroComp games not allowed:

Adventure Jam: Adventure Jam 2023 -

Constructing the game itself is not allowed until the beginning of the jam date.

(I assume that this also applies to constructing an introduction or excerpt, since those are parts of the game.)

IFComp: The Interactive Fiction Competition

I have an unfinished game people have already played. Can I finish it and enter it into the competition?

It all depends on whether or not the game’s earlier version has been released to the public.

[…] if the game was available on the public internet, where anyone could find and play it, then the IFComp considers that a release – even if the game wasn’t finished yet.

Can I enter a game that I’ve already shown at festivals or other events?

Every IFComp entry should be, in essence, the world premiere of that work. If you’ve already shown the work, whether in current or earlier form, in other festivals or competitions, then IFComp considers it an already-released work and therefore disqualified from entry.

Finished IntroComp games presumably not allowed:

Some of these have a “jam character” (similar to the Adventure Jam above), where the spirit (if not the letter of the rules) is to produce the game during the event. Others might allow starting beforehand, but require new games.

The organisers might count an extensively expanded IntroComp entry as an entirely different and therefore “new enough” game for the purposes of their respective events, that’s why I put them under “presumably”.

EctoComp: ECTOCOMP 2022 (English) -

The games should be original and previously unpublished. With the exception of localisations of previously unreleased games in the current competition language.

inkJam: inkJam 2022 -

Is there a theme? Yes, and it will be announced as soon as the jam begins.

(On the one hand, the page doesn’t mention anything about a requirement for new games at all.

On the other hand, it is a themed jam, which usually conveys the idea that the majority of work should be done during the event itself. And it runs for only three days, so entering a massively extended version of an IntroComp game doesn’t seem in the spirit of the event.)

PunyJam: PunyJam #3 -

The game must be new.


[Entrants] may not publish compiled versions of the game publicly before voting starts.

(This is also a themed event.)

Text Adventure Literacy Project/Jam (TALP/J): Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023 -

The game must be an original work that has not been previously published.


Neither the source code nor the story file or executable can be published in a public place prior to the submission closing date. You can send the game to testers, but this must not be done in a public forum.

(EDIT: but see Garry’s post above: IntroComp 2023 - #15 by Warrigal)

Winter TADS/ZIL Jam: Winter 2023 TADS (and Dialog, Punyinform and Zil) Jam -

The game must be new.


Compiled versions of the game should not be published publicly prior to the start of voting.


[quote=“StJohnLimbo, post:16, topic:62685”]
It all depends on whether or not the game’s earlier version has been released to the public.

[…] if the game was available on the public internet, where anyone could find and play it, then the IFComp considers that a release – even if the game wasn’t finished yet.
That would mean the IFComp doesn’t allow IntroComp then, doesn’t it?

I missed the header sorry

Thank you, we’ll make it clearer for next year.

  • Submitting an IntroComp version to the Planting Round and finishing that project without any other seed would be indeed accepted, but not eligible for awards.
  • Submitting an in IntroComp version as a seed, finishing that project, and using another seed, checks all the boxes for eligibility.
  • The IntroComp version doesn’t have to be included in the Planting Round if the creator does not want to share it. But they would need to use at least one seed to be accepted into the Sprouting Round (automatically making it eligible for awards).

@HanonO should this discussion be split into a new discussion maybe?


That is correct. Finishing your own IntroComp game for Round 2 would be fine, but to remain eligible for rewards, you would need to combine at least one other seed from another author.

Collaboration and adopting other people’s ideas are really the core of SeedComp. Sprouting only your own seed in isolation avoids both of these.


We don’t have to figure this out right here and now, but I think I feel the same way. As long as the finished product met all the other requirements of the Comp, I wouldn’t have an issue with a final version of an IntroComp game being submitted into TALJ.

ETA: Also, I’d like to remind folks that IntroComp was not really on various Comp organizers’ radar while organizing this year. There was no 2022 IntroComp, so it seemed unlikely someone would show up with a 2+ year old IntroComp game.


Deciding that is of course absolutely your prerogative as organisers, and doesn’t have to be discussed or done now.

But as the topic has come up, I would add that not allowing expanded IntroComp games has the advantage of being a relatively clear-cut, fair, and transparent rule.

Whereas if you do allow them, then at least two questions could arise, I think:

1) What counts as fleshed out / different enough? How much new content must an author add to clear the bar?

One answer could be: why worry? Just let the voters decide.

Although that might be weird: if I really liked a well-done game in IntroComp, should I then punish that game in my TALP vote for not adding enough new content? Even if I think that it is better than the other TALP games?

And if some people didn’t get around to playing the IntroComp version, so that the game is new to them and its TALP score doesn’t suffer consequently, then isn’t that unfair towards the other, really new games which have only one chance for feedback, attention, and prizes?

And do I have a habit of asking too many hypothetical questions?
Possibly. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

2) What would be the difference between IntroComp and other forms of previous publication?

If you allow IntroComp games, someone might ask: “What about the demo (or beta version, chapter 1, prologue, etc.) which I published on my itch account and which I have now finished? Or, for that matter, what about my 20-minute game from last IFComp which I expanded to a 40-minute game?”

I’m not saying that these issues can’t be solved. But they’re probably worth thinking about, when you consider allowing expanded IntroComp games.