IntroComp is Recruiting a New Organizer - Deadline Wed, April 19

We are now launching our search for the next IntroComp organizer!

Running a smaller competition like IntroComp is a great way to improve your project management and organization skills, and can be an interesting addition to your resume. A bit of technical skill is useful, but expertise in organization, project management, and communicating clearly with others are the primary skills that will make the next organizer successful. Do not let a lack of website administration background or other technical experience hold you back from tossing your hat in the ring.

Details on how to express interest and the anticipated next steps are posted on

The deadline for expressing your interest in being considered is Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Please share this, and encourage people who you think would enjoy this opportunity to apply.


I’d like to say to potential organizers that, having run a couple of comps of varying size, I think this would be fairly manageable for most people. Introcomp tends to have a small number of entries per year, and a non-technical person can host entries on pre-existing platforms like itch. For smaller comps like this, the majority of the effort is making announcements and answering people’s questions, and usually only requires significant effort three times (when announcing the competition, when opening it, and when closing it and announcing winners), each of which is probably a few hours of work.

If you’re worried about not being available for specific dates (like if something comes up the day the comp opens), it’s very normal to extend deadlines for comps (Seedcomp extended the deadline for voting at least once and no one blinked an eye), so if something comes up, you can just say ‘something came up so I’m not announcing winners for another day or two’.