Cragne Manor hint thread

aha! i knew i’d post this and immediately feel like a fool – i completely missed that it was peter’s suitcase. perhaps this is a sign that 3 hours of straight playing is more than enough for a day.

thank you :slight_smile:


Back again… :crazy_face: I keep forgetting this game has no consistent logic room to room, but the constant shifting is somehow incredibly addictive and utterly crazymaking.

The workroom - can someone give me a little nudge as to where to begin?

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When I was testing, it weirdly plucked the “open world” string for me even though it seems it shouldn’t at all. Some of the unexpected consequences of elements from one room reacting with others is pretty incredible.


strongly agree… also, is this a hint? :wink:

“Nothin’ is evah as it seems in Backwateh, Vermont,” The old townie replies.

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The main mechanic is looking up names in the cabinet/pile of papers/whatever.

So you need to start by finding a couple of names.

A good place to look (you could look at this hint before the other two) is one of the large objects you can see in the room.

Specifically the mirror.

fff… more to your point @HanonO — I forgot I had the mirror from the damn labratory so i couldn’t look at the mirror in the damn room.

hey Cragne help friends!! what was that save file editing magic that somebody did upthread? can we do it to a save file that’s suffered the Take Back Fungus Gloves bug? thanks!!!

Save-file editing magic was done by @msww in this post concerning a different puzzle

(the button machine from the locked office)

so they’re the person to ask! And if they have general Lectrote save-file editing skills that could be cool.

If you point me at the save file, I can take a look. Is the issue just that the gloves need to be made potent again?


thanks! check with @perpetuallyno : )

it worked! thank you @msww + @Jenni


Finished this not half an hour ago!

Was stymied up until very near the end by, of all things, the entrance to the jail. I didn’t realise you could just >OPEN GATE, and thought, welp, it’s closed and none of my keys will unlock it and the coffee cup says there’s nothing to do here, so I guess the jail is just Not Part Of This Adventure.

A thought about the ending: Wouldn’t it be neat if you could summon various other Cragnes instead of Peter using their items in the circle instead? Maybe not all of them … I mean, some of them have left things related to them but which probably aren’t precious to them…

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I just finished the game! Thanks so much to everyone who put this together, this was my first interactive fiction game and I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to play more :slight_smile:



Your first IF game was Cragne Manor?

“Impressive…most impressive…”


I made ample use of this thread, and it took me 10 months, but I got there :slight_smile:

I would guess that less people have finished Cragne Manor than wrote it. As my room was the penultimate one, I was determined to get to the end to see it in situ.


Hi everybody! I’m really new to interactive fiction, and I need some help! I played through Anchorhead and loved it, so I wanted to give Cragne Manor a try, but I have no idea where to start, it’s kind of overwhelming! does anybody have any tips on an order to do things, or a link to a good walkthrough? Thanks!! :grinning:


There are a lot of hints in this thread:

The biggest hurdle to get over is crossing the big underground bridge; after that, there’a a lot of easier puzzles spread out before the next big hurdles. So I’d make getting over that bridge a big priority.

Also, the real estate office (which you can reach before the bridge) gives you an incredibly useful backpack when you enter that makes the whole game better.

If you’re already more advanced than those suggestions, take a look at that link!