Cragne Manor hint thread

thanks Brian!!

Another really important thing to help make it less overwhelming is something (two things, actually) that you can find near the very beginning of the game that serve as a hint device.

The coffee cup in the train station lobby and the book that can be found in the trash can with the doll by the first bridge.

These don’t give you specific hints for the puzzles, but

if you read the book three times, whenever you examine the coffee cup when you’re in a room, it will tell you whether there’s a puzzle you need to solve (or locked door you need to open), and whether you can solve the puzzle without first solving another puzzle.

And don’t worry about looking for hints! It took me literally to the end of 2018 to solve it, and I was chatting with all the authors all the time to get hints and sometimes total solutions even after using the aformentioned hint items.

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Woah, that’s awesome! Thanks for the tips Matt!!!

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anyone still here…? New to IF:)) just wondering what kind of stuff should i actually type when solving the coded message at the back of the book i steal? i read the walkthrough and guide but just don’t know how to form a proper response there. Thanks!

That particular puzzle doesn’t require an in-game command. Also it’s optional.

The message you get is a cryptogram. Solve it the way you ordinarily would, on pen and paper, or if you’re lazy like me, by typing the text into

The message you get will tell you about some things that you can interact with in the backpack. If you need help about how to interact with them, check back here…

The items that this solution yields aren’t essential to solving the game, but they can help you move from place to place quicker.

And, welcome to Cragne Manor!

thanks for responding! i’m still confused how to interact. i type stuff like "open hidden pocket" or “check hidden pocket” but nothing happens :sweat_smile: idk if there’s some specific command??

Hmmmm… I can’t check in the game right now but is the backpack open?

ooooh wait yeah i forgot to open it first
haha thank you !!

How do I get the book from the estate office?

Never mind, solved it. What command is needed to pry open the mausoleum door?

Solved that one too. How do you take the shabby journal off the plinth?


That was a better hint than it looks.

Don’t give up.


If you keep trying to take it, you’ll eventually succeed.

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Hey y’all, welcome to 2021 where I am 1) reposting because my intital spoiler blurs did not work and 2) I am still trapped at the small crate in the small chamber with the dial padlock!

I know the format of what needs to go in (MDYY) and I have done the appropriate math to figure out the 4 numbers thanks to the newspaper.

But I have used many different phrases, all mentioned in this thread and in the walkthrough, and it still won’t open. “Set dial/turn dial to (four digit number)” successfully has me do the whole number but the lock won’t open. “Turn knob/set knob to (single digit/four digit number)” tells me that it can’t be set to that. I tried inverting M and D, tried all the single digit days in September, and I tried pouting at the screen.

(Spoiler tag wasn’t working because of paragraph breaks! The power of the search bar.)


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…guess who forgot they had the suitcase in their jacket and were trying to open that instead.

anyway uh. problem resolved, have a nice day, don’t be like me kids always check your inventory isn’t mucking up your work


Pink-bound book

Anyone know how to get through the story? I know it’s optional but I can’t figure it out.