Cragne Manor hint thread

If anyone needs a hint on Cragne Manor, feel free to post here!

To get past the figure on the bridge:

Make sure you have (from earlier):

the glass jar from the bathroom

and that you’ve found (in this room):

the doll

Examine the thing you find here.

If you turn it’s head and pull the string,

The woman becomes interested.

For a full solution:

pull the string after turning the head until it mentions the glass jar you are carrying. Then give the jar to her.

To get past the second bridge:

You need to have brought the


And emptied it.

You need to open up a path by

pushing the metal thing off the bridge and going down

You see something but can’t interact with it. But copying what you see,

eating spores lets you breathe underwater

But you can’t see!

You’ve seen a solution to this though.

In general, you need to use

the liquid in the pool and the material in the brazier


put pool in flashlight. Put flakes in flashlight. (You May have to Take Material if you haven’t yet).

Now you can interact with the stuff in the other area. The correct movement verb is

Enter Bones, after going down the rope

There you can get what you need by

Hit Bones.

But getting it back is another matter. A hint is available by

examining the metal thing

You can pry teeth, put Bones in teeth, go up three times, and pull rope

And fixing the bridge is as easy as

Fix Bridge

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Would you kindly consider build this in a invisiclues z5 format? There’s is even a template for creating invisiclues in Inform 7?

Everything up to “fix bridge” works, but it still says the rope is too short to bridge the gap. Did I miss something?

I can look into it, but I"m definitely stopping at these two rooms (unless someone has a specific question). A walkthrough for a game this size is far beyond me!

Hello, friend! I seem to be stuck in my strait jacket (in Padded Cell). I would appreciate any tips!

Looking for some help on earlier rooms. This is my first (ever) interactive fiction so I’m sure I’m missing some of the basics. I am looking for help on “Railway Platform” on how to interact with the lockers & vending machine.

Hi! I’m really enjoying the game, but I’m stuck in a spot. I was wondering if anyone could provide help at the meatpacking plant? I’ve done the following: moved the sheep, opened its guts, and read the flies to see a silhouette of a woman, but I have no idea what to do with this to progress further. I’ve also touched the jelly and tried various actions with it all in vain. Thanks in advance!

I have a query.

How do you get out of the straight jacket?

and in the graveyard of Cragne manor, how do you get the thing in the grave?

I can’t seem to work out the correct verb for either. It’s doing my head in.


Realize that there are locations where you need something from another room and will need to return.
Don’t forget to grab the coffee cup in the second room. It becomes a hint item once you read a book you will find very soon after that.
On the railway platform
You won’t be able to get the bubble from the vending machineuntil you find a coin later. There are multiple coins so don’t get frustrated.
Make sure you noticeThe rat, the clock, the bench, the schedule. This will become important when you return later.
Also notice that the locker contains a slot where you can swipe a card.

The rope won’t let you cross the bridge.It will let you climb down if you throw it in the water.

Also notice There is a metal claw on the end of the rope that is openable and closeable.

This is hard since you don’t have hands.

You need to find a sharp piece of something and wedge it into the gap on the chest to cut the straps (if I remember correctly.)

To Stompsy:

The game mentions a

buzzing sound

so try


This will give you a kind of riddle. The solution is

given by looking at the letters (X LETTERS) and finding which ones are missing

Once you find all of them,

just say the word you get (it won’t be English)

For the love of Pete and all things holy can someone tell me how to set the combination lock for the lockers in the restroom :slight_smile:

Thank you craiglocke! You’re a lifesaver.

(I’m not posting this with a spoiler tag because it’s not really a spoiler but a Helpful Hint as to how to interact.)

The command for setting the lock is “SET LOCK TO [number goes here].” This is usually going to be the case for the combination locks and similar things you will see in the game, although I think there are some that operate by “turn [the thing]” and like that.

Maryjane, further to what HanonO said:

The “something sharp” is literally hanging above you.

However if you find that you can’t reach it, try going over to the chest and pushing it in place. Stand up on the chest.

If you need further hints because you can’t get the light bulb off, try pulling off the cage.

Once you’ve pulled off the cage and broken the light bulb you’ll have your something sharp.

If you’re still stuck because you can’t use your hands try going back to the chest and wedging the shard in there. That should help you with the straight jacket.

Once you’re gotten out of the straight jacket, check the chest; it’ll have your inventory. However you might have problems because the door is locked! If you’re stuck at this part examine the padding until you find a shiny brass button. That will open a secret room that has a switch you can push to unlock the door.

Hope that helps!

UPDATE: stompsy posted while I was typing! Now you have two sets of hints about the padded room!

maryjane–a bit more about the padded room:

It takes a bit of work to get the sharp thing. The first thing you should do, really, is find something, anything, you can interact with.

One thing–this is a general tip so I’m not spoilering it–is to examine everything you can find, and things that get mentioned when you examine other things, and so on.


There’s something around the bulb that looks suspiciously specific, as if it might be helpful…

The corner

Let’s try doing something with it…

PULL CORNER (and hope the game understands “with your teeth”)

It’s too high! But we’re getting somewhere… that suggests that if we could reach it, this might work


We need to be higher up.

Looking around, what could help us gain some elevation.

What’s one thing you can do with a chest you can’t open?


Now I wonder if this will let us do anything with the corner…

PULL CORNER. Awww. We’re at the right height but in the wrong place.

But if the chest were in the right place…

How could I move the chest where it needs to be without full use of my hands?



now we can assemble the steps we thought of


and, to express our feelings, BREAK BULB

There’s a sharp thing on the floor, the shard! Yay!


this part has been tricky to a lot of people

As Hanon said, we want to cut the straitjacket with the shard.

but even with our yoga skills. we can’t do that directly. We need to find something to hold this.

Look around at everything that might work, and don’t feel bad about opening the next spoiler…

None of the main objects will work, but there’s something mentioned in the description of one that will.

PUT SHARD IN CRACK. (of the chest) PUT SHARD IN CHEST doesn’t work, unfortunately


I’ll let you figure out what to do once you’re out of the straitjacket, but one more thing…

Don’t do what I did and spend thirty turns wandering around wondering where your stuff went. It’s in the chest! Now that you’re out of the straitjacket you can just OPEN CHEST and get your stuff back.


At the end, when you’ve got the stuff you need to fix the bridge, “PUT [that stuff] ON BRIDGE” works as well as "FIX BRIDGE