Cragne Manor hint thread

Okay so… the horse… the boneless horse.

I figure I gotta put the (lit) candle on the pentagram right?

Also, should I be concerned about the creeping mildew in my inventory?

the problem with the horse is while i’m fairly sure I know what to do, I don’t have enough turns to do them.
Put the lit candle on the pentagram, check. Put knob on toilet, check. but then I die before I can flush.

So… there’s gotta be a step i’m missing that’ll delay the thing.

As a warning, the boneless horse is one of the longest and most convoluted puzzles in the game.

But your immediate question has a simple answer: to get more time:

look at the door

Does that give you any ideas? What you can specifically do is

close the stall door.

Oh god… this really is madness.

I have a foot and a coat.

I need to make an effigy. this is pretty dang obtuse.

Have we got some steps/hints for this?

Give me 20 minutes and I’ll have some good invisibles.

In the meantime:

For the effigy:

Have you examined everything in the locations you’ve been in?

Have you examined

the phonograph?

As for the foot:

what did you do with the hand?

I went to the cambion, read the journal. Found the wax.
now I gotta make it soft I assume.

but thanks, the phonograph isn’t even mentioned when you return to that room so I missed it completely.

Boneless Horse Invisiclues, part 1:

What am I supposed to be doing in here?

Have you examined everything? There’s a lot to see.

Looks like the toilet’s missing something.

There’s something in the room that can fix it.

Have you examined all the fixtures?

The shower has a knob.

Take it.

There is a horse. Please help.

Well, you can’t leave.

But everything you need is in this room.

Did you examine everything earlier?

There’s a safe space in the bathroom.

Go in the stall and close the door.

Okay, where can I find a saddle?

Have you tried opening the stall door?

There is no saddle.



I’m stuck and that THING won’t let me out.

There’s more than one way out.

Have you read everything around you?

Looked on the shelf?

Read the note that fell out of the magazine when you read it?

Look at the candle hints, then come back.

After you’ve done that, try fixing the toilet.

What else? Sit down and flush.

What am I supposed to do with this candle?

Have you read everything around you?

Light the candle with the lighter and put it on the pentagram.

(purple_monkfish give me a sec to catch up and I’ll be there!)


I have a potion of fortitude… i think <_< hahaha

Boneless horse invisiclues, part 2

I’m somewhere new. What the heck am I supposed to do now?

Examine everything, of course.

One thing in particular will guide you from now on.

Look at the bookshelf.

The scroll will tell you what to do.

It seems like I’m missing a lot of things it says I need.

There are a couple more locations you can reach.

Look at the hints for the keys.

Still need more? Look at the hints for the foot.

Not done yet? Try the wax lump.

I’m not sure how to get out of this grocery store!

How did you get there?

There is no grocery store.

French toast is easier than pancakes, imo.

It seems like I need a lot of keys.

Have you been out of the stall?

Have you looked at the corpse?

Have you looked at the coveralls?

You can’t take the keys off the coveralls.

But you can take the coveralls off of Ed.

I have more candles. Now what?

What did you do with the hand?

Do that with the foot.

Take the hand off the pentagram. Light the foot and put it on.

Where am I supposed to get a wax figurine?

Have you examined everything in space?

What about the phonograph?

It’s too cold to mold.

You need kindling for the logs.

What about the baby names?

Put the baby names in the fireplace. Light them with the lighter. Put the lump on the hearth. SHAPE LUMP INTO HORSE.

Boneless horse invisiclues, part 3 (final)

How can I make a potion of fortitude?

Have you opened the closet?

Have you used the foot as described in foot hints?

The Mountain Dew is already there as one ingredient.

So are the trilobites.


Don’t forget the pepto bismol from earlier!

This is kind of awkward, but I…need a virgin.

Ed might work.

But he’s going nowhere.

It doesn’t have to be a living virgin.

Have you read the magazine?

You can sacrifice the magazine instead.

Okay, all I need is some kind of weasel or stoat or something.

Have you opened the closet with Ed’s keys?

There is a fur coat in there.

Great, I did everything I was supposed to and yet again I’m dying. Thanks!

Where is the horse?

What do you usually do with toilets?

Flush the toilet.

Now there are two horses!


Not really.


What was the point of all this?

Did you keep the journals?

This room gives you information. That information is found in the journal.

You’ll recognize it later on. Specifically…

Once you’ve explored the ground floor of the Manor.

what do I do with the payphone and the hatch?
or the bouy.

Yes, i’ve kinda lost track of what i’m doing now. I’m just wandering around poking things till the coffee says I can achieve something lol.

A spoiler about importance/timing of the payphone:

The payphone is one of the last puzzles you need to complete.

But (about what you need to complete it)

It is a self-contained puzzle.

The hatch is just a

locked door you need a key to

If you need help finding that last thing I mentioned, it’s

in the garden shed north of the manor

which itself is opened by

the bronze key, green with age

The buoy’s purpose is finished once you have

fished out the lobster trap by taking the gaff and typing FISH RIVER or FISH BUOY

AHAH! as is often the case, the verbs and finding the correct verb is the problem.

and ooo… I think I remember what I found in that place… time to rub stuff on other stuff lol.

What do I do on the station? I turned the key to 13:37, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything.

I think it’s “set lock” isn’t it? Something like that.

as for me, I lost my stuff down a hatch hole.

Hi magurmaas,

That should have done something. But it may not have helped you make any concrete progress. In which case:

You’re not ready to have that do anything yet. You’ll have to find something else which will put you a position to get something that will make the thing you just did useful.

For now,

You should just GO SOUTH to the next room and see what you can do there, and in nearby rooms.

In general,

Get the coffee cup from the next room… and then if you get a nearby book and read it a few times, the coffee cup will turn into an incredibly helpful thing which will tell you whether there’s a puzzle in the room that you can solve, or if you have to get something else from another room. Sometimes it can take a very long time to find the thing you need for a room you see early on! Just try working on the puzzles you can work on.

purple_monkfish: That’s OK! One extremely important thing about this game is that you’re not supposed to be able to make it unwinnable. If you get killed, you should be able to UNDO it. (There are a couple of cases where I think there is a special command that will let you undo a few turns.)

Which also means that if something happens like “I fell down a hole and lost my stuff” there’s a way to fix it. In this case, head to the next room and try to see if you can turn the lights on, so you will get your stuff back.

Any other Cragne Manor author who is reading this post will be laughing at me because they know the ridiculous stuff I did after I fell down the hatch.

(Also I’m impressed at how fast you’re progressing. It took me days to get down the hatch.)

I miss my coffee cup. I’ve become reliant on it hahah. Oh tell me mighty coffee, can I do anything here?

lol, well I woke the hobo and stole his Allen Key

Now to find my STUFF.

Hmmm. nope, i’m baffled. I mean sure I can leave, but I feel like my stuff should be here somewhere… I can’t work out how to turn on lights hahahah.

Monkfish I’m on mobile but the key action here is to

examine the wall in the hobo room

I was SO freaked out at this part of the game lol