Cragne Manor hint thread

In case you don’t want that huge spoiler, and following up on ShabyBelle, there’s a total of four Variegated Court puzzles (I think) whose information won’t be found in things you’re carrying around, if you’re carrying everything around.

The solutions can be found in:

Family Crypt, Storeroom, Music Room, Under The Bridge

This would be pretty great! You could make a new thread for it in the “Discussion, HInts, and Reviews” forum here.

That would be awesome. I just finished, & was planning to run through it again to try to get a different outcome from the… spirit-related stuff forced miscarriage. Let me know if you’d like any assistance?

Congrats localmilkhen!

Re: Curiosity Shop; the key thing to do to get the hint turned out to be

to buy something. Duh.

Thank you, dear! :slight_smile: And thank you SO MUCH for the help. Now I get to lurk and try to help other people.

I would love that. I’m starting the new thread now and was in the middle of typing up a request for that kind of help. :smiley:

As for the spirits, I would be curious to see a different way to resolve that.

For the spirits, check this post.

From a semi-cursory look through the source code, I think there are two endings, and the other one may address the thing you want to address.

If you want to try for another ending without looking at that spoilery post, and want some hints…

It should be available at the end of the sequence.

Is there any way you can get away from the fight?

Any way at all?

“YES! A comprehensive walk-through would be fantabulous! :wink:

Done. Are there alternate endings?

[spoiler]I see there’s some choice possible in the Christabell/Carol interaction, but the coffee made it seem like the Observatory outcome was dependent on earlier choices in some way.

I kinda wish the Book of All Days stuff came at the end rather than where it was.[/spoiler]

The only other alternate ending I can think of right now is the horse bathroom.

What needs to be done in the Tunnel Entrance with the hobo by Grueslayer?

I put the candles from the hatch in the sockets and found out the name of the woman in the picture is Cecilia, but now I’m stuck.

Also what can be done in the girl’s bedroom part of the music room puzzle?

If I wait long enough she send me back, but if I return then I find myself in a closet and have one turn to do something before getting killed.

What else around the altar might you be able to interact with?

Try the bricks.

Can’t take them.

You can push them, but that’s not enough.

[spoiler]Is there anything you can use to interact with them more forcefully?[/spoiler

Hit them with the mallet.

Just doing that once does nothing?..

Is there any particular pattern of notes that might be suggested around here?

Anything relevant made up of letters in ABCDEFG?


Spell out CEECEE with the notes you play on the bricks.


One thing is that if you find yourself in a loop of die-UNDO-die, you should use TAKE BACK; this is a situation where you have to UNDO twice to get out of it.

You need an item to solve this puzzle. If you wind up in the closet without it, there’s nothing to be done.

What is she trying to do to fend off the bad stuff?

What does it look like she might need?

Have you found a piece of chalk?

…it’s within the music room puzzle.

Somewhere you might find chalk that’s used to draw on the floor or ground

In the Playground.

Examine every part of the seesaw

If you’re ready to solve the puzzle but don’t know the exact action:


Many thanks for that info! Now I need another clue though.

[spoiler]what is the combination for the padlock? AFter listening to the record with the phonograph I thought it might be the number from Peter’s library card, but that didn’t seem to work. The newspaper didn’t give me any help either.

Looking at the drawing of the body that flew in through the window leads me to believe I am to find a second ring to put on Abril’s hand, but where do I find it? The note from the seesaw said something about a circle and mountain climbers.[/spoiler]

Small Chamber:

the first important thing about the newspaper is that it contains lots of articles. Keep reading until you find something that the person who made the hiding place seems to be interested in.

Important general fact about the combination:

It’s four digits.

When you’re able to figure out a date that’s of interest, enter it in M-D-YY format, without leading zeroes.

Music Room (this was something I had to get a spoiler for myself):

The mountain climbers is indeed the critical clue.

Go around everywhere and look for everything that might have to do with mountain climbers.

More general hint about where to look:

It’s in the corridor of the club.

More specific hint:

Check out the band poster.

Just examining the relevant thing will do what you need, but the phrasing of what to examine was a bit tetchy:

You want to examine the logo of the Bread Loaf Mountaineers.

Something like EXAMINE BREAD LOAF should do it.

Thanks for the help! I was able to finish the game!

Is there any use for the old iron key from the science tower or is it just a magnet for lightning?

Old iron key:

The thing that it was found next to will give you a hint as to its use…

The author apparently left a comment in the source code along the lines of “I’m a dick, this doesn’t unlock anything”


I’m looking for the 3rd glyph. I’ve found jungle and glacier

Does it involve Margreth’s instruction that creates a pearly glow?

If anyone is still following this thread, please help

Workroom–I got stuck there for a long time too.

The third glyph (if I’m understanding your descriptions of the first two) involves manipulating the environment after you vulle.

Is there anywhere in the post-vulle environments that might hide something? (I couldn’t find a hint that it did hide something, though I could have missed something, but think of something that might hide something, if you know that something’s hidden…

You only have to use magic words to get this, not interact directly with your environment in any way.

Is there any place that you might be able to uncover something using only your magic words?

Relatively explicit instructions follow:

Melt the glacier.

Full solution, unless I’m remembering wrong:

ia. irnath. vulle. maleth

I think I may have made a puzzle unwinnable, but i’m praying that’s not the case.

in the shed

I retrieved the fungicide, sprayed my gloves (it didn’t seem to understand me when I tried to spray my hands), died from fungus and the used take back, which puts the fungicide back in the wheelbarrow but leaves the gloves fungus-free. Now that I have the sausage I’m finding out the way to make the centipede eat it is to swish it around in the gloves to make it gross. my gloves only smell like mildew, and leaving the sausage in a closed trash pocket it with it and few other mildew-scented items didn’t change anything, nor did putting the sausage in the gloves and waiting several turns. is there any other way to get the centipede to take the sausage without using actively-mildewy gloves? Is it possible that even though it explicitly mentioned nothing changing with the sausage, and continuing to call it the desiccated sausage, that the centipede will still eat it?

spoiler-tagged per dfabulich’s request–matt w

Please put [spoiler] tags on that!

To answer your question, yes, I think you’re most likely stuck. I found that “take back” was buggy in various spots, and this is probably one of them.