What are you listening to?

This popped up randomly today, and I’ve been really enjoying it on loop. It is oddly fitting to multiple of the characters Jinx and I play with together.


I’ve recently discovered Magnólia, which is a Brazilian project, and I’ve been vibing with it a lot. The problem is, of course, that I don’t know Brazilian Portuguese (or even Portuguese Portuguese but I digress) and I love to know what I’m listening to, which kind of binds me to the few songs that are in English (like então a lebre vomita seu própria coração) or have full lyrics available somewhere so I can translate it (like the one I’m posting here). Oh well. Life, I guess.

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I used to listen to this song a lot, while I was struggling through the dog days of a bad relationship. I was working up the courage to leave him- vacillating back and forth on whether I thought I should, whether I could- if I was worth it, that chance at happiness, that selfish desire to be loved, to be treated kindly, and with consideration. If I was worthy of being treated better than just a kicked puppy.

It’s still got a soft spot in my heart, though my perspective on it is different- thank God things aren’t like this, anymore: but when they were, I’m glad that I was able to find solace in how relatable the song was, even if it’s sad in retrospect.

I’ll love you like a dog, just train me right
Enough done wrong, even tame me bites
But make me jump, and I’ll say “how high?”
Then I’ll find how to fly to impress you

I’ll offer up my mind to you
Be aligned to you
Put my likes aside and lie for you
Do whatever short of die for you
'Til you’re satisfied, that’s all justified for you
I can’t read your mind, but I’ll try for you

I’ll love you like a dog would do
I’ll let you put me to good use
I’ll love you like a dog would do

I’ll never get you, I don’t expect to
I love to beg you, I live to beg you

I lick scars to remember wounds
My own heart can run on fumes
Darkened moods you’ve walked me into
Up to me to restart sweet hearted views

I’m telling you what I can’t stand
Revel in devotion to a master’s hands
Letting moments that we “get it” make every dent
I am an animal who’d rather have a known greater-than

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I usually prefer The Front Bottoms’ music to The Mountain Goats, but this one’s one of my favourite songs from them.


And I know one day, Hell will catch up with me
And I’m sure that I will burn eternally
One day, it will come to claim its pound of flesh
When it’s done, there won’t be anything left

And this one’s my favourite from Nicole, though I’m also fond of Dogteeth, of course.

You’re cold on the inside
There’s a dog in your heart and it tells you to tear everything apart
My body’s covered in teeth marks, your bite’s worse than your bark

You ruin everything you touch and destroy anyone you love, you’re all over me

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This was written by Shel Silverstein (of Giving Tree fame). He also wrote most of the songs for Dr Hook & the Medicine Show, including this classic:


I never knew the connection. Very cool.

I wore out my Dr. Hook Greatest Hits album so maybe I’m a Shel Silverstein fan and never knew it. :wink:

Dr. Hook - Sylvia’s Mother


I love Sylvia’s Mother, it’s probably their most heartfelt song (along with Carry me, Carrie). We could probably trace a whole sub-genre of songs about trying calling someone up after a breakup. They couldn’t write them quite like this nowadays… because we no longer have telephone operators.

This beautiful song from Jim Croce is a wonderful example:


Right now, I’m listening to my screen reader as it echos what I type… and in general, I listen to a lot less music since going blind… pre-blindness, I usually had a music player playing in the background whenever I was on the computer and not watching video content, but I can’t effectively listen to music and my screen reader at the same time, so Music is now something I have to either dedicate time to or do when I’m doing something that occupies my hands, but not my ears.

ANd here lately, my listening material as I cook, clean, walk, etc. has been dominated by audio-described television I’ve downloaded as mp3s and YouTube videos I’ve downloaded and extracted the audio from(and in particular, I recently did a mass download of the Channel Standup Maths from YuTuber Matt Parker and I’m 2 videos away from finishing off the videos that are under 15 minutes(I tend to prioritize shorter videos when I have a ton of stuff queued up on my portable media player).

That said, I did recently do a mass purchase of CDs on Amazon, catching up onalbum releases from the last several years from a few of my favorite musical acts and I’m still working through giving them all an initial listen. So far, I’ve listend to Heart-Shaped Wound by Voltaire, Monstereophonic, Killection, and the first two discs of Lordiversity by Lordi, and in addition to the rest of Lordiversity, I have Scream Writer’s Guild by Lordi and Immortlize and Evolution by Disturbed. Also recently got a bunch of classic 90s countries off of YouTube from acts I don’t already have a Greatest Hits Compilation from.


Hey! I’ve had beers with him. My wife is his guest in this episode: https://youtu.be/a_fTA4UeFls?si=KLlq3UmLFveZKJje


Not a fan of beer, but I confess, I was devastated when, after it got mentioned in one of the videos I listened to, I went of mathsjam.com and found that there isn’t one within several states… was a long shot there would be one in this middle of nowhere town(I’d say at least as long as rolling a one-roll Yahtzee on the first try with d20s, but I think the closest is either Boston or New York, either of which would be a full day crammed in a car… Haven’t gotten to the linked video yet as my media player reprots it’s runtime in the 15-20 minute range… and honestly, I’ve been following Numberphile since before I went blind, so no idea while I’m just now binging his channel(Also should really do a binge of Singing Banana… and find out if any other Numberphile regulars have their own YouTube Channels…Also want to give Humble Pie a read, though I fear the audiobook might be audible exclusive(I prefer my audiobooks like I prefer the music I buy, as flac files ripped from physical CDs… or at least mp3s copied from MP3 CDs and would outlaw DRM in the unlikely event I became king(Only reason I tolerate BARD’s DRM is its free and legal, but if I had infinite money, I’d ditch every DAISY audiobook I’ve gotten from BARD in favor of buying a CD version of the audiobook if available… and if you don’t know what BARD is, it’s the Braille and Audio Resource Download service the National Library Service provides to blind persons living in the US).

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Are we friends now?

WHAT :star_struck:


So, there was an ongoing disscussion elsewhere in the forum about using or not AI tools for IF works cover-art. And I just couldn’t help remembering how much I enjoyed the cover that The Sonics made in 2015 of Bo Didley’s 1962 song “You can’t judge a book by its cover” which made me junp and dance and scream and :man_dancing: :notes: :guitar:

And here goes the original, which is a Bo Didley’s, so yeah, it rocks!

Okay, I just listened to a song from Monstereophonic about how cool Skeletor is and how He-Man must die, but Teela can stay. I’m intrigued. I’ll check them out. Thanks, Mewtamer!

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One of the best grunge rock bass lines ever.

Tad - Grease Box

Here’s another great one from them.

Tad - Leafy Incline

Didn’t know that Fallen London had had an old IOS app with music. Nice atmosphere to lay in the dark with.


One of my favorite bands during the 80s.

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@rileypb Good call on Camper Van!

Key Lime Pie is one of my favourite albums of all time. Such a great mix, so many solid songs, but this is my favourite from that album…

Camper Van Beethoven - All Her Favorite Fruit

EDIT: The song that brought me into this album is Laundromat. It’s a little bit grunge rock, which goes against the rest of the album… but damn, pretty much everything they do is gold. :wink:

Camper Van Beethoven - (I Was Born In A) Laundromat

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Gave this song a try because the art reminded me of Kaylee’s- and it’s pretty catchy!