What are you listening to?

I left out the headbang-hardcore metal and the brainbang-hardcore neurofunk because those feel more like side-steps.

Speaking of brainbang dnb: did you know about this one? (I don’t know if you’re a dancer, but whenever I hear this I’m shaking hopping bopping stomping… especially when the drum doubles up and retreats at the same time . Luckily my best friend’s a dnb DJ…)


I really love super distorted/angry dnb, but I never know 99% of the artists that come up, usually. Often it’s suggestions from friends or an algorithm, and I’m happy to be check it out!

I used to do a lot of jumpstyle (which I was apparently late to), but mostly I’m just windmilling my hair or headbanging, and usually trying to match the kick drums with my legs.


Headbanging you say?! :wink:

Teenage Bottlerocket is always fun and catchy.

I don’t know why, but I’m reminded of a time when I did security at a show. I had to get in on the floor a few times to stop weed and cigarette use (it was an all-ages gig) and I remember being swept up in the moment and moshing with the crowd for a few songs. I was later told that seeing this lumbering dude with a security t-shirt “fighting” the crowd had the other security members on high alert.

I was never asked to do security again. Totally worth it though. :wink:


The Allegorically Rythmic gods have blessed me. When I was revisiting the D’Angelo link above, they graciously pointed out this:

Ibrahim Maalouf - LIVE IN ISTANBUL - Diagnostic

Arabic Metal-Jazz? Funk-Folk? Soul-Bass-Trumpeteering? Blues-Rock? No, those are too restrictive. They do catch my first impression though.

( Ibrahim Maalouf - Wikipedia)

EDIT: I’m 20 minutes in now. I believe there is a term for this type of music that precisely, accurately, pointedly defines this. Without any vaguaries about genre.

It’s “fusion”.

EDIT²: 5O minutes in. We’re in Cuba now. This concert never ceases to amaze.

EDIT³: And now the drummer is DnB-ing!

EDIT4: And now he’s done it! They got out the cowbell and bagpipes! On a bed of slow distorted blues-metal guitars.

EDIT5: No-one said a word during the entire show. Only the language of music. And the utter joy on the faces of the audience when he played that last, obviously known and loved, folk melody…

A fantastic concert-film. Must see. *****

EDIT the last: Caravan keeps trickling in throughout the show.

A particularly dramatic interpretation of the song appears in the finale of the great movie Whiplash: (best watched in full for context of course…)


Midnight Burger. In the latest episode “Brunch”, the Zork source code gets a mention in the scene starting about 1h:4m in.

Edit: Link https://www.weopenatsix.com/

Of course I’m listening to Tina Turner today.


I apologize if I’m one-upping you, but this has to be posted with the dancing.


Also belatedly discovered bassist Andy Rourke of the Smiths died last week.


Another passing I’ve missed this year: Tom Verlaine, frontman for Television.


Oh man, I missed that one. He was one of Patti Smith’s key collaborators, too - a big loss.

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If that is your type of thing you really need to listen to Carpenter Brut :wink:


Your PARENTS liked those? You are either much younger than I thought you are or you had really cool parents. When the 15/16yo me listened in his room to Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine or TOOL, my parents were annoyed by the noise coming out of my speakers. I did my best though to worsen it when I added swedish Death Metal to the mix, probably a year later: Edge of Sanity, At the Gates, Entombed, Dark Tranquillity and so on.


I feel most comfortable with Post-Metal / Synthwave / Post-Punk / Dark Wave and Progressive music. But I also listen to lots of 80s stuff, I just love that decade. Here are a few of my favorite bands in no particular order

New Model Army
The Ocean Collective
Cult of Luna
Drab Majesty
Carpenter Brut
Edge of Sanity
Sisters of Mercy
Sleep Token
Fair to Midland
Final Light
Volkor X
Isis (the band)



My son listens to everything you just listed. I really like Fair to Midland. When I first heard Dance of the Manatee, my mind melted. I then had to scoop it up off the floor. I think it’s all back in plaid telephone now.


Already listening! :wink:


Your son has a great taste in music! Fair to Midland is definitely in my top 5. When I first listened to “Fables from a Mayfly… what I tell you three times is true” it was almost as if I got my faith back in music. It is so special and unique and so artfully arranged. I love this band.

Here is a shameless plug btw. My band recently released their debut EP “Supernovae & Black Holes” which is out on all major streaming platforms. Might be something for him. :slight_smile:

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I know Sisters of Mercy (great!) and New Model Army (good). Unfortunately none of the rest. Is this list categorizable? Gothic Rock? Dark Wave? (It’s of course not neccessary to catecorize it. Just good music.)



That’s a great song! Yeah, I’ll definitely pass this along to him. He lives on Spotify. You’re going to make me look so cool. :wink:


Uh, yeah… look under “awesome”. :star_struck:


I think it’s not easily categorizable. It’s a bit from everything but mostly Post-Metal / Synthwave / Post-Punk / Dark Wave and Progressive music: :slight_smile: