The Evolution of Roguelikes (Jesse Cox YouTube video)

One of the most interesting concepts is “technical constraints create artistic styles”.


This was a reasonably well-presented take on a pretty fundamental piece of knowledge among indie game devs, but I found the repeated pronunciation of “Mario Bros.” as “Mario Bros” maddening. Nobody I knew in the 80s/90s ever called those games anything but “Mario Brothers”. Is this a young people thing, or a surfer dude thing?

I’ve never heard the games referred to as “Mario Bros” or “Mario Brothers”. People call them “Mario”. Just Mario.

In the US in the 80s/90s it was always “Mario Brothers”.

I wonder if these people pronounce “Dr. Mario” as “Durrr Mario”?

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I guess it’s regional thing, then.

Mind you there was popular godawful UK pop act “Bros”, pronounced bross, who were roughly contemporary with the NES, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that pronunciation was used for Mario Bros in Britain at that time. But I can’t remember.