PunyJam #4

November 18 we’re throwing another PunyJam, i.e. a game jam where you write a text adventure using the PunyInform library.

This is PunyJam #4. On the first day of the jam, the theme will be announced. This theme will dictate something that you need to incorporate in your game. Last time around, it was that the game had to start in or at an airlock. This time it will be something else. Hopefully, the theme can serve as inspiration.

There are prizes to be won. There is much glory to be won. There is fun to be had. There’s a Discord server where you can always get help.

Incidentally, I have just updated the PunyInform articles/tutorials, which may be the best way to learn the library: [GitHub - johanberntsson/PunyInform: A fast and compact library for writing text adventure games for the Z-machine running on 8-bit computers as well as other platforms.]


Pleased to see the IFWiki page: PunyJam 4 - IFWiki!


And the jam is on! We have fine prizes, a welcoming community, and room for more participants.