PunyJam #4

November 18 we’re throwing another PunyJam, i.e. a game jam where you write a text adventure using the PunyInform library.

This is PunyJam #4. On the first day of the jam, the theme will be announced. This theme will dictate something that you need to incorporate in your game. Last time around, it was that the game had to start in or at an airlock. This time it will be something else. Hopefully, the theme can serve as inspiration.

There are prizes to be won. There is much glory to be won. There is fun to be had. There’s a Discord server where you can always get help.

Incidentally, I have just updated the PunyInform articles/tutorials, which may be the best way to learn the library: [GitHub - johanberntsson/PunyInform: A fast and compact library for writing text adventure games for the Z-machine running on 8-bit computers as well as other platforms.]


Pleased to see the IFWiki page: PunyJam 4 - IFWiki!


And the jam is on! We have fine prizes, a welcoming community, and room for more participants.


Just bumping this topic, as there is just 20 hours until submissions close for PunyJam #4.

If you’re an author, get those last-minute updates finished and get your game submitted. There are some very generous prizes.

If you’re a player, get your notepad and pencil ready. There are already 3 submissions, if you want to start early, and I know there are more to come, as I’ve been testing them.

Please try to play and rate all the games. They’re all small- to medium-sized games, as authors only had 4 weeks to design, code and test their games after the theme was announced. There’s quite a variety. Review threads would probably be appreciated, too.


The submission period has now ended, and we have six entries.

Judging is open for everyone, and you have until 31 December. Welcome aboard!


There is now a voting link on the jam page, under Voting.

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I just realised that there are 6 entries and 6 prizes, so everyone gets a prize! It was certainly worth entering.


IFDB has two different entries for both PunyJam #4 and Cargo Beach Breach. I don’t know where to report these kind of issues in IFDB, so I am reporting it here.

Edit: Sorry for mangling your game’s name Garry.


I’ve used the standard “Delete This Page” link to report the duplicate Cargo Breach already, and emailed to report the duplicate “PunyJam #4” competition record.

(Disclaimer: I created the older ones of both of these records.)


Thanks to @JTN for doing the IFDB additions so quickly. I just checked and it looks like those duplicates have been removed.

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15 hours until the voting period ends. We have received votes from five judges this far.

It would be nice with a few more judges.


Voted, and pinged both Neo-Interactives and IFMUD, fwiw.

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So, I gather that voting is not closed yet, and folks have until 6pm EST?

I’m just trying to clarify because your post above said voting ends in 15 hours, a little over 20 hours ago.


3 hours left for PunyJam voting!

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Thanks! Just voted


Improvised prize ceremony…

The judges were asked to rate each game based on one criterion only - Rate your overall enjoyment of the game, between 1 and 10, where 10 is the best. The score for each game is the average rating the game got from all judges that rated the game.

We got a total of 68 votes, from 14 different judges, on the six gamed entered into the jam. All games got at least nine votes each.

The difference in average score between the highest and lowest ranked game was just 2.22

I’ll present the top three games here. The first one now, the next one 12 hours from now, and the last one 15 hours from now.

All the authors are winners, for finishing their games, and for producing such high quality games in just four weeks!

Many thanks to all the judges!


#3 is “Shaka!” by Olaf Nowacki, with a score of 7.54

Give it up for Olaf!


Yeah, thanks! :smiley: :heart_eyes:


#2 is “Cargo Breach” by Garry Francis, with a score of 7.92

Hooray for Garry!


…5-hour drumroll begins…