ParserComp 2022 - Results!

Hello All

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the results of ParserComp2022!

(Apologies for the delay - Sandra in the front office wouldn’t release the figures until we’d signed all the paperwork in triplicate. You wouldn’t believe the bureaucracy over at ParserComp HQ…)

Here is the main ranking:

Overall Score

Game Rank Score
The Impossible Stairs 1 19.862
Of Their Shadows Deep 2 19.613
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 3 18.231
Improv: Origins 4 16.415
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 5 15.491
Alchemist’s Gold 6 15.434
Gent Stickman 7 15.297
Midnight at Al’s 8 15.264
You Won’t Get Her Back 9 15.027
October 31st 10 14.392
The Muse 11 13.800
The Euripides Enigma 12 12.438
Radio Tower 13 12.073
(out of contest) Cost of Living (14) 11.175
Anita’s Goodbye 14 10.641
Desrosier’s Discovery 15 10.477
Kondiac 16 8.555
ConText NightSky 17 7.769
Python Game 18 5.620

…and here are the rankings for each category:


Writing Score Writing Rank
Of Their Shadows Deep 4.750 1
The Impossible Stairs 4.500 2
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 4.389 3
Improv: Origins 4.300 4
Midnight at Al’s 3.722 5
Alchemist’s Gold 3.565 6
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 3.455 7
The Muse 3.385 8
You Won’t Get Her Back 3.385 8
October 31st 3.364 9
Gent Stickman 3.083 10
The Euripides Enigma 2.923 11
(out of contest) Cost of Living 2.923 (11)
Desrosier’s Discovery 2.765 12
Radio Tower 2.650 13
Anita’s Goodbye 2.333 14
Kondiac 2.250 15
ConText NightSky 2.182 16
Python Game 1.308 17


Story Score Story Rank
Of Their Shadows Deep 4.350 1
The Impossible Stairs 4.231 2
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 4.000 3
Improv: Origins 3.350 4
Midnight at Al’s 3.167 5
The Euripides Enigma 3.154 6
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 3.091 7
October 31st 3.091 8
Alchemist’s Gold 3.043 9
Gent Stickman 3.042 10
The Muse 3.000 11
Radio Tower 3.000 11
You Won’t Get Her Back 2.846 12
Anita’s Goodbye 2.667 13
(out of contest) Cost of Living 2.615 (14)
Desrosier’s Discovery 2.529 14
Kondiac 2.000 15
ConText NightSky 1.909 16
Python Game 1.077 17


Characters Score Characters Rank
The Impossible Stairs 4.385 1
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 4.222 2
Improv: Origins 4.150 3
Of Their Shadows Deep 3.800 4
Gent Stickman 3.458 5
October 31st 3.182 6
Midnight at Al’s 2.944 7
Alchemist’s Gold 2.913 8
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 2.818 9
You Won’t Get Her Back 2.769 10
The Muse 2.692 11
The Euripides Enigma 2.538 12
(out of contest) Cost of Living 2.538 (12)
Desrosier’s Discovery 2.412 13
Radio Tower 2.350 14
Anita’s Goodbye 2.083 15
ConText NightSky 1.818 16
Kondiac 1.500 17
Python Game 1.077 18


Implementation Score Implementation Rank
The Impossible Stairs 4.538 1
Of Their Shadows Deep 4.400 2
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 4.056 3
Alchemist’s Gold 3.913 4
You Won’t Get Her Back 3.846 5
Gent Stickman 3.708 6
Midnight at Al’s 3.556 7
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 3.455 8
Improv: Origins 3.250 9
The Muse 3.000 10
October 31st 2.909 11
The Euripides Enigma 2.692 12
(out of contest) Cost of Living 2.692 (12)
Radio Tower 2.500 13
Desrosier’s Discovery 2.353 14
Anita’s Goodbye 2.250 15
Kondiac 1.750 16
Python Game 1.385 17
ConText NightSky 1.364 18


Puzzles Score Puzzles Rank
The Impossible Stairs 4.308 1
Of Their Shadows Deep 4.000 2
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 3.818 3
Alchemist’s Gold 3.565 4
You Won’t Get Her Back 3.462 5
Improv: Origins 3.450 6
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 3.389 7
Midnight at Al’s 3.333 8
October 31st 3.182 9
Gent Stickman 3.000 10
The Muse 2.692 11
Radio Tower 2.600 12
Anita’s Goodbye 2.583 13
The Euripides Enigma 2.538 14
Desrosier’s Discovery 1.706 15
Kondiac 1.667 16
(out of contest) Cost of Living 1.538 (17)
ConText NightSky 1.273 17
Python Game 1.154 18

Use of Media

Use of Media Score Use of Media Rank
Gent Stickman 4.500 1
The Muse 4.000 2
Of Their Shadows Deep 3.700 3
Radio Tower 2.750 4
Kondiac 2.750 4
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 2.727 5
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 2.500 6
You Won’t Get Her Back 2.462 7
Alchemist’s Gold 1.957 8
Midnight at Al’s 1.889 9
October 31st 1.818 10
The Impossible Stairs 1.808 11
(out of contest) Cost of Living 1.769 (12)
Improv: Origins 1.250 12
ConText NightSky 1.182 13
The Euripides Enigma 1.154 14
Desrosier’s Discovery 1.118 15
Anita’s Goodbye 1.083 16
Python Game 1.077 17

Help and Hints

Help and Hints Score Help and Hints Rank
Of Their Shadows Deep 4.150 1
The Impossible Stairs 3.846 2
Gent Stickman 3.708 3
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 3.636 4
October 31st 3.636 5
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 3.556 6
You Won’t Get Her Back 3.231 7
Midnight at Al’s 3.111 8
The Muse 3.077 9
Alchemist’s Gold 2.609 10
The Euripides Enigma 2.231 11
Radio Tower 1.950 12
Improv: Origins 1.950 12
(out of contest) Cost of Living 1.462 (13)
Python Game 1.385 13
Kondiac 1.167 14
ConText NightSky 1.091 15
Anita’s Goodbye 1.083 16
Desrosier’s Discovery 1.059 17

Supplemental Materials

Supplemental Materials Score Supplemental Materials Rank
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret 2.636 1
The Impossible Stairs 2.308 2
Of Their Shadows Deep 2.200 3
You Won’t Get Her Back 2.077 4
Midnight at Al’s 2.000 5
Alchemist’s Gold 2.000 5
Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge 1.833 6
Radio Tower 1.550 7
(out of contest) Cost of Living 1.538 (8)
Gent Stickman 1.458 8
Improv: Origins 1.400 9
October 31st 1.364 10
Anita’s Goodbye 1.250 11
The Muse 1.231 12
Kondiac 1.167 13
ConText NightSky 1.091 14
The Euripides Enigma 1.077 15
Python Game 1.000 16
Desrosier’s Discovery 1.000 16

Many congratulations to the overall Gold 1st place winner, the mighty @mathbrush with The Impossible Stairs. Brian receives the coveted, fabled (and perhaps even apocryphal) solid gold lamp trophy [AU content not guaranteed not to revert to base metal during transit]:

and an official ParserComp2022 Participation Certificate, in hard copy!

Congratulations also to our Silver and Bronze winners, @AmandaB with Of Their Shadows Deep, and @dee_cooke with Things That Happened In Houghtonbridge respectively. They each receive a hard copy official ParserComp2022 Participation Certificate to commemorate their fabulous achievement in this year’s competiition.

Finally, congratulations to all the other entrants who individually bought all manner of excellence to the competition. Each participant receives a digital official ParserComp2022 Participation Certificate as a thank you from all of us at ParserComp HQ.

We’ll release a spreadsheet of the raw scores once we’ve tidied it up a bit, which won’t be for a little while as we’ve got to have tea and feed the cat and things first - it really is non-stop around here - but in the meantime, well done to everyone!

Best wishes

fos1 & Christopher


A deserving winner! I enjoyed ParserComp very much this year, and I enjoyed all the games that placed ahead of me. Thanks to all who participated, with reviews or votes or testing or whatever.

And thanks to the organizers for putting out the unexpected fires they had to put out.


Congratulations to @mathbrush and everyone else! What a great comp - thanks so much to all involved (and for the awesome-sounding certificates - looking forward to that!).


Congrats to Mathbrush on the back-to-back wins! Thank you to everyone who submitted for sharing your creativity, and thanks so much to the organizers. I think ParserComp deserves an implementation score of 5.001. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @ChristopherMerriner and @fos1!

A big congrats to @mathbrush, @AmandaB, and @dee_cooke!

And congratulations to all the rest of us!


Congrats to everyone, especially to Brian! I tested The Impossible Stairs, and although I would never have said this to Brian at the time (because it puts a lot of pressure on a person to say this when their game isn’t finished), I was already pretty sure then that it was going to win. And back-to-back wins is pretty fantastic!

And getting a game out into the world is a big accomplishment, so kudos to everyone for having the guts to put something out there.


Thanks to all the authors for giving us many pleasant hours. And congratulations to Brian, Amanda, and Dee. All three of your games were fantastic.

And thanks of course to the organizers!


Congrats to everyone who entered, and especially the winners! I’m looking forward to checking out more of this year’s games, and hopefully entering again next year.


Thanks so much to those who voted and my testers! I purposely haven’t tried most of the other games yet (so I could review them after the comp), but both the ones that I tested were, I thought, comp-winning material. Houghtonbridge was a thrill to play and deeply interesting, with great implementation and fun characters. Shadows Deep was beautiful and poetic and emotionally deep, and I think all the close scores show how much everyone liked them.

I look forward to playing all the other games, I’ve heard a lot of great chatter during the comp!

My next plan is to work on a very large (hopefully 10+ hour) parser game for a couple of years, so this will probably be my last big comp game for quite a while.


Congrats to Brian, Amanda, Dee, and all the authors, and cheers to @ChristopherMerriner and @fos1 for putting on the competition! The winners were all well-deserving, I think, but many of the games lower down on the list were lots of fun or gave me a bunch to think about too, and really showed off the diversity of what’s possible with parser games.


Congrats to participants, players, organizers, reviewers, voters, and especially the winners! I’m looking for time to play trough all the games.


I Will wat for this full lenght Game.
Congrats for tour first place, BEST implementación, of course, BEST PSIs and BEST puzzles


Congrats for this second place. You are the BEST, keep going.
The BEST story, of course and the BEST writing.


Congrats to Dee Cooke for this amazing third place. Nice great Game. A solid third place.


Felicidades a Xavi Carrascosa por el puesto logrado por la magnífica MUSA en esta comp.

And I want also to congratulate Garry Francis for his great Game, I enjoyed a lot testing “Alchemist Gold” in dentist’s consult.

  • Jade.

Wee!! I mean… Whee!!! ^.^

For Gent Stickman a seven is a poorly drawn one! That’s almost a first place!

I would like to congratulate the people at the top of the ranking. I would like to, but I won’t :o)

What I really want is to congratulate the people at the bottom of that list.

Each of us has his own vision of which games should be higher or lower on it, and not being fully finished or polished don’t make games worst. I like it very much more than one of those in the queue. But even if it wasn’t, it’s just an opinion.

Listen what other people say, with their votes, opinions, or reviews, because there’s much to learn for people who listen the right things and the wrong ones.

But never let that leave a mark you. Marks sometimes become wounds, which become infected and steal our joy and our desire to do things.

Look again to the ranking: It can be in fact read the way you want. It was not the goal, but your games or parsers coming to life were the goal! I hope you enjoyed so much like me being part on this. Doing new friends. Perhaps new enemies. Remember: That’s life. That’s what all people say.

I Toast to all of you! God save the queen! Or whatever!


Felicidades para ti también, me olvidé de ti en el trabajo. Muy buen juego, original y entretenido.

Congratulations for you, of course. I wrote the messages above travelling to muy job by bus and I forgot you. A great, brillant, original game.

  • Jade.

Congratulations to all who found the creative spark to write a game, the necessary stamina to actually complete it, and the nerve to show it on a public stage.

I couldn’t follow ParserComp a closely as I would have wanted this year, but I’ll be playing and reviewing most games in the near future. (I’m making good headway with Uncle Mortimer’s Secret now.)

An extra thumbs up for @mathbrush , @AmandaB and @dee_cooke . You may need it to thumbtack your certificate above the hearth.


Delighted to see the results.

Congratulations to all the competitors! It’s been a marvellous competition, and that is due in a large part to the variety and imagination of your games. Thank you!

Thanks also especially to the organisers. You did a great job.

And thanks to all the playtesters, judges and reviewers. I was especially pleased to see all the games got a good number of ratings in the end, so everything got its chance to shine.

As a fellow parser author I feel inspired by this year’s entries. As a player I feel I’ve been given a real treat! Thank you again.


Nail it, you mean. In its massive, heavy, baroque gilded frame. In the place you’ve especially cleared for it by relegating all the family portraits to the space under the stairs.

Anyone caught thumbtacking their certificate is immediately disqualified. I’ll be making spot checks.