Parchmap - automatic mapping, navigation, autocomplete, notes and more

I ran into two problems in Firefox and Chrome.
Firstly, after restart command prompt and output text disappears.
Seсondly, Edit button in restore dialog window doesn’t seem to work:

Uncaught ReferenceError: can't access lexical declaration 'l' before initialization

I cannot seem to upload my own Z5 games on parchmap. It uploads and then nothing happens. I see no button to upload it anywhere.

This is awesome. Is there plans to release the source for this at some point?

the url where you’re hosting Parchmap appears to be expired at the moment. So, I second the question about if you plan on releasing the source!

Hi, sorry about that, I’ll reupload it somewhere else and will probably also upload the source to GitHub

Hi Everyone, Parchmap has been re-uploaded:

Parchmap on GitHub: