Parchmap - automatic mapping, navigation, autocomplete, notes and more

@Dannii It seems the zvm in the link you shared is not displaying the status bar, is this something that can be restored with an option?

Also seems to no longer need the story files to be base64 encoded

Edit: I’m able to get the current room by finding the last element with class Style_subheader, not sure if this will be correct in all cases, but anyway I think the status bar is still important, sometimes there is information such as score displayed there

The code now runs on GlkOte, which definitely does support status bars. (Unless you’ve found a bug - can you confirm if it’s broken in Lectrote too?) I’m not sure what you’re doing to map between GlkOte’s output and your new HTML though.

It works in Lectrote but that’s just because it uses a different version of zvm.js

@Dannii I’ve downloaded the package you shared and ran it on my webserver using Lost Pig to test, and as you can see there is no status bar

Edit: tried to load a .gam file (not sure what format it is) and it does show a status bar, so I guess it only effects certain formats

Hi Guys, build 11 is up and includes .z3 support as well as keyboard navigation.

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Hi guys, build 13 is up and includes the ability to export saved game and map data from one PC and import it to another

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I tried parchmap but I couldn’t get Anchorhead or Sherlock to work. The games load, but after the final “Press any key to continue” the screen remains black. I tried in Chrome and Firefox without any addons/extensions.

Hi Guys, Just popped in to let you guys know that I’ve given Parchmap some love lately and have now uploaded Build 14 which is a big design overhaul, here’s the summary:

  1. The story now takes center stage, the map is hidden and can be opened by typing /map or by pressing the ` key
  2. There is now a mini-map feature, all the known exits leading out of the current room are displayed all around the story area including any notes added to them
  3. There is now a nicer font and new color scheme, including a light and dark version, toggle-able by typing /theme

Here is the link:

And some screenshots:


Looks cool!

Oh, oh, oh… really nice desgin @roylaza
How I didn’t discover this before?

One thing: It’s difficult to use with a keyboard layout that uses combination of keys to get the character / (in my case shift+7). Parchmap gets it as enter? and doesn’t let me type any command after the /.

Hi @roylaza ,
A very interesting innovation.
I see from your video there’s a split screen mode. How do you access that? I was only able to swap between the screens.

@roylaza have you thought about releasing this on github or gitlab?

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I’ve belatedly added a page for this on IFWiki at Parchmap - IFWiki. Anybody can edit it to add more information.

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