Missing post-2015 XYZZY Awards info in IFWiki


The XYZZY award pages on IFWiki are woefully out-of-date.

The yearly links in the template at the top stop at 2018 (although pages for future years exist), and the individual category pages (Best X) mostly stop at 2015.

Is anyone interested in updating those? I can help if you want to coordinate the effort.

I don’t have permissions to edit the template. Is that ability limited to administrators, or specific users?


I’d be happy to help. I’ve done it in the past for some years but got overwhelmed. I figure each of us could take an award or two at a time and update it? I can start with the “best individual” awards. As for the template, hopefully someone with access will see this.


If you both send me your wiki usernames (here or by PM) I’ll sort that out today.

It would be good if you could add the XYZZY pages to the Events database. See Form:Event - IFWiki

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Mine is mathbrush, here and there.

Just finished Best Individual NPC. Now I remember why I stopped; it’s pretty tedious! Glad that someone’s on this. I’ll keep going with more ‘best individual’ stuff; Puzzle was already done earlier this year.

Edit: Just did Best individual PC. Going to stop for now, let other people work on it. If it’s not done by the time others run out of steam, I’ll add the rest.


Thanks for sending your usernames. You can now edit templates.

If each year’s XYZZY page were to have an event infobox – edit or create the page with Form:Event to add one – and each page were to have an award called, say, “Best individual NPC” then a simple query could list every year and game winning the award of that name.

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Can you point to an example using it? (On IFWiki or elsewhere)

ECTOCOMP - IFWiki is the best example of an event series with all events in the database. But it doesn’t have any of the awards listed yet. IFComp 2022 - IFWiki has one award listed.

I can see the infoboxes, but I can’t find an example of the “querying” you mentioned.

To be clear, is the proposed solution something that will avoid the duplication of the same shortlists in both the yearly page, and the specific category pages?

I remembered that some Spring Thing event pages have infoboxes mentioning prize winners, so just now added a database query showing the “Best in show” ribbon winners for each year: https://www.ifwiki.org/Spring_Thing#Best_in_Show. I hope that helps to show what’s possible.

Our replies crossed – see mine above.

Yes I think so. It depends on how detailed you want each list to be. At the minute the query will only return the game name (not additional information like “Glulx”, or even author). Our big job for 2023 will be adding a database structure for games, which should improve that situation.

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It’s using the Cargo extension. It can probably be used to generate the current lists of winner + runnerups. I’ll read about it.


Yes I think I it could. As long as you pick a consistent name for the awards (eg “Best Game winner” and “Best Game finalist”) then you could formulate a query to show all XYZZY events with awards of that name.

I’m looking at the Awards table but I’m not clear on the numbering used in “Award Name” (one entry is marked “DQ”). Are they somehow indicating the ordered nominees and the winner?

I think we want something structured differently. We need at least a “category” column, so we can create lists based on event, and based on category.

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Have a look at an event page and it’ll become obvious, eg ParserComp 2022 - IFWiki.

Could you expand on this please? Thanks.

The page for the Year YYYY’s awards (sample from 2019) needs queries like this:

Award winners:
select winner from each cateogory, and generate a list of “category: winner”, sorted by category sort order.

for each category in the year (sorted by category sort order), generate a list of finalists (sorted alphabetically, but with the winner at the top)

And for each category page (sample from Best Puzzle):

Award winners:
Fetch list of winners, sorted by year. For each year (descending)

For each year, generate a list of finalists in that category (sorted alphabetically, but with the winner at the top)


  • “Best puzzle” needs an extra column describing the puzzle.
  • Currently, the format between pages is inconsistent. Some finalist lists don’t mention who the winner is the winner at the top. I think they should.

So I’m imagining 2 tables are needed:

  • Table of categories, with a preferred sort order. (Optional. Otherwise, will require a bit of manual listing of the categories in each page)
  • Table of finalists, with columns for category, name, sort order, “is winner”, and “description”.

That ParserComp page is very confusing.

It lists the games and that numbering under “Awards” with no explanation.
If it’s the final placement of games, “Awards” is a bad title for it.
Does “DQ” mean “Disqualified”…?

This should be easy. On the XYZZY 2019 page you’d have these awards: (1) “Best Game winner” (Creme de la Creme); (2) “Best game finalist” (separate entries for Skybreak, Turandot, Zozzled). We would just understand that the winner was also a finalist.

An optional “Notes” column might be good here. It would work to describe the puzzle, and might work in other circumstances too. The awards on the relevant XYZZY year pages could be “Best puzzle finalist” and “Best puzzle winner”. Once you’ve got that, the queries should be easy to write.

This is something you could change now as it’s not related to the database. Until we sort out the games database/table the queries couldn’t replicate what’s there. So you might as well make the change manually. Even with the “Notes” column, instead of

the query result would say

  • Finalist: Riding the creature, in So Far

I guess you could use the Notes column to add any of this information, but it really belongs more to the game than to the award or event, so it would be better to wait until we sort out the game database table.

The numbers relate to the rank order (taken from ParserComp 2022 - Results!).

Would “Prizes” be better? I think we used Awards because it’s generic and would cover events without prizes or even ranked places, but it’s not the law of the Medes and Persians.

I think I’m allowed three posts in a row so here is the third!

There are XYZZY categories that don’t fit into the “Event - Award - Game” model:

Do all participants get prizes? To me, this is a list of the results, not awards or prizes.