List of Inform 7 Interpreters that do/don't support graphics

Is there a list somewhere of Inform interpreters that do not support graphics? I have some graphics in a game, and I’d like to be able to tell players what interpreters will and will not work with the game so they can choose a “no-graphics” option to play.

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If you think some players are likely to want to play without graphics, why not offer the choice? If the game doesn’t try to display graphics, then it doesn’t matter whether or not the interpreter supports them.

I am offering a no-graphics option, but I think many players may not know whether or not their interpreter supports graphics. I’d like to list them, like “If you are using interpreter X or Y, graphics will not be supported, so please choose the no-graphics option for best results.”
For instance, I had no idea until recently that some interpreters don’t support graphics. I can’t seem to find anything that lists which interpreters do and which don’t.

Graphics, meaning inline images with “display the figure of…”?

I believe you can specify alt-text for graphics:

§23.9. Providing accessibility text

It’s conventional for web pages to provide “alt-text” for significant images displayed, so that partially sighted or blind users can get an idea of what is being shown. Inform allows figures to be given these short descriptions like so:

Figure of butterfly is the file “butterfly.jpg” (“A red admiral butterfly.”).

As we’ll see, the same can be done for the cover image:

Release along with cover art (“A cathedral at sunset.”).

And also for sounds:

Fugue is the file “Bach.ogg” (“A church organ playing a Bach fugue.”).

If you want to offer a choice:

Figure of test is the file “butterfly.jpg” (“Your interpreter does not support graphics. Please choose NO to the question below.”).

Display the figure of test.
say "Do you see a picture of a butterfly? Type YES or NO."
if the player consents:
    now graphics is true.

Then you’d check before each image if graphics is true: display figure of [...]

Or you could just cleverly use the alt text to sub in without asking or setting a variable.

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Thanks, Hanon! This is kind of brilliant… and no knowledge of interpreter abilities needed.

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One last question: if I don’t see the picture and have to choose the no-graphics option, that kind of bums me out and I’d like advice on what interpreter to get so I can see the pictures. I only ever use Spatterlight on my mac (which does support images), but what is a good recommendation for other systems?
This way, if the player types no, they don’t see the test image, then I can say something like:

If you’d like to see the images in this game, consider getting Spatterlight for mac, Interpreter X for PC, Interpreter Y for mobile.

Or something like that.

I tend to use Lectrote, WinGlulxe, and sometimes Gargoyle on PC.

The I7 website used to have a resource page, but it’s out of date and may not be currently available.

I don’t know how up to date this list is:

This might be call to make an “interpreter” page in IF Community Resources that’s a wiki people can update and pin it. That linked thread is actually a wiki that people can edit, but we might want to make one without the conversation as a reference page people could link to?


If you use the glulx format, I think you can use

Include Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short

if glulx graphics is supported: …

Other checks that may interest you:

  • if glulx PNG transparency is supported
  • if glulx text-buffer graphics is supported
  • if glulx graphic-window graphics is supported

We have an entire database of software on IFWiki that anyone can use in that way :slight_smile: All the Glulx interpreters are listed here, with a column for multimedia: Drilldown: Software - IFWiki. I’ve added that link to the other topic too.


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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Great. If you find errors or omissions you can create an account to make changes.