Latest authoring tools?

I somehow lost track of all the new IF authoring tools. So maybe someone can help me, please, and tell me what tools came up the last half a year?

Thanks in advance


Rez: choice HTML; for those comfortable with JavaScript
Evergreen: choice IF focusing on ease of writing and mobile reading
Iffinity: command-line browser-playable choice/hyperlink
StoryMoar: website for coding choice IF
MEOW: choice/CYOA
DendryNexus: StoryNexus in Dendry; browser-based
StoryMate: focus on making choice IF alongside AI

There’s definitely more.


The evergreen link is broken, I think the query string in the URL got broken, it works if you remove the u=hidnook at the end.

Also to plug my own one, even though it’s not quite ready yet: IF-Framework using Typescript and Svelte. I’d compare it to the Twine Snowman format in coding knowledge required.


I’m not sure how I did it (or, even, if I did it), but get yourself setup on IF-Wiki also.

Great idea! And yes, it was you (at least you made some edits, someone else created the page), or someone stole your username and used it in the wiki.

I did make edits but I don’t remember creating the page originally.