StoryMoar Beta (Online Editor)

I present to you this platform I’ve been building. It’s a site where you can create interactive stories and publish them:

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of tools like this already, so let me summarize what makes it different:

  • All-in-one bundle: Platform + Editor + Language.
  • Publish your story in a few clicks, 100% online.
  • A custom “programing” language for writing: easy to pick-up for non-coders, yet extensible for those with more experience.
  • Easily write dialogs, add choices, variables, conditions, etc.
  • Editor with syntax-highlighting, spellcheck, completions, etc.
  • Preview your story as you’re writing it and find the current passage at any time.
  • Images are supported, more is in the way.
  • Use JS and CSS to customize your game (for advanced users only, minimal support right now, as in very powerful but very clunky to work with, improvements are on the way).

Hopefully I raised enough hype, however note that the project is still a WIP, also although you may try it without registering at you must register (social login via google account for now) in order to actually create a story (50MB for images+text included).

I plan to add a bunch of improvements to this platform (a lot, actually) but first I’d like to gather some thoughts, comments are much appreciated!


Looks good. Might just be beta but playground never stops Loading for me.

Also in the example story, I had to turn the resolution way up because I could not scroll down the page.

Looks like a mix between Twine and Ren’Py. That could be an interesting twist. Good luck with it!

I found the problem, I think. (I’ve not tested for Safari)

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[I sent some screenshots and details via PM]

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This looks pretty cool.

Playing around with the “playground” was easy to add new pages and characters. I managed to download the story, edit it and re-upload it. And it worked!

So that’s really handy for editing. Although there should be something similar for the media.

I found the text fade in a bit annoying, although there looks like there are some config options.