Interactive Audio Stories Platform

Hi there!

I’m new to the forum, so please feel free to tell me if this would be better posted elsewhere.

I’m looking at developing a platform for audio-based interactive fiction. You can think of these like listening to podcasts or audio books, but it’s interactive fiction.

I know this isn’t a new topic here, there are a lot of really great insights from threads such as this one: Audio IF.

But I’d really appreciate it if you’d be willing to take the time to fill in a survey:


Cool! I answered your survey.

I’ll say that I would never spend one second on an auto-generated story, both because I think it would suck and because I find that kind of repulsive. There are a lot of amazing authors here who might leap at the chance to write something specifically for this format, or who might (under certain circumstances) allow some of their published work to be adapted.

Also, I feel like a parser game feel to such a thing would be more successful than a choice-based feel. So picking an “A” or “B” option is not very appealing to me. Saying “Examine the dead body” or “Go to the living room” would interest me, although obviously that’s probably way harder to do.


Sounds interesting.

Like Amanda, I would strongly prefer human-authored games/stories, to the point that I would probably never play an auto-generated one.

In the survey, I particularly liked the question whether the player should be able to ask stuff like “What is the boy wearing?” That falls right into my comfy zone of an audio equivalent to X BOY.


Yes, I agree with both of you :slight_smile: It’s nice to have that backed up by data! There actually are things out there that ONLY do auto-generated stories, like AI Dungeon, which to me just feel like they’re not even trying to make the story good. They’re ONLY trying to be novel in how you interact.


By “…it would be my primary focus” do you mean that while playing it, it would be my primary focus. In other words, I wouldn’t be multi-tasking?

I only ask this because my first thought was that you meant “primary focus” as in “in my gaming life.” Although judging from the other options, you seem to mean the former.

You’re right - I did mean the former, but perhaps I should have worded that more clearly. I wasn’t meaning ‘would it be your primary way of playing games’, but you wouldn’t be multi-tasking while you did it.

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