IFComp Game Names - Merged!

Nitku, at his blog, put up an IFComp 2008 and 2009 edition of the random game name generator that David Fisher did. I found this humerous and it hasn’t already been mentioned here.

You can reload over and over for different results. It looks like it mixes an IFComp title (first part or last part) with the title of some existing work of IF. Here are a few that were interesting enough for me to keep!

The Ultimate Elf
Rybread Celsius Can’t Find Nightfall
Opening Time!
Mini-Adventure With Death
The Absolute Worst IF Demo
LAIR of the Robots
Everybody Stranded
Piracy Railroad
Fun and Shoes
Psycho Time!
Conan Afflicted
Amnesia Challenge
Beaten Space
Dark Grey
Frankenstein’s Grand Quest
Moist In Space
The Grand Nightmare
Batman!! Condemned
And Then Out
Eruption Gals
The Grand Day I mauled …

And finally:

Snowquest of the Lambs

zork, with Trolls

I liked Transylvania III: Vanquish the Interface.

Sounds like one heck of a postmodern game!

By the way, this is the link: http://nitku.net/if/namegenerator/.

Oh, and I’d love to play the Platonic/gnostic adventure called Grounded in Time.

Pretty sure I’ve already made this game.

An exciting journey to the heart of a volcano with an all-female team of geologists.

Or just AIF.

EDIT: I got: Are you Too Chicken to Operate! Which sounds like a nervewracking game of one-upmanship between DIY medical practitioners.

I had to force myself to stop, but here are a few more that caught my eye!

Galatea In Space
Dangerous Day Out
Beneath: a Cave
Colossal Adventure- Jewels of some sort
Outside Quest
Alien Legs
The Believable Underground Crypt
Murder Quest
The Duel of the Alchemists
Eric the Grey
Leatherworld Hangover
1-2-3… Odyssey
A Date With the Mole Man

Oooh, one more, because this would make a cool game. :slight_smile:

A Martian in Scotland

I love it.

They should make a competition out of this name generator. “Speed-IF name generator”, or something.

Why does this remain so much fun?

Germania Mercy

Don’t count on it.

Agency and the Troll

To be published in the Subterranean Journal of Philosophy.

Don’t Fire Until You See The Second Pit

An excercise in restraint.

Fail-Safe Zauberland

A themepark with hubris.

Madam Fifi’s Whorehouse Zzzzz

Not a lot of customers, apparently. Or not a lot of whores.

Hey, I’m Mortality

Play Planescape: Torment from a different perspective.

Fritz’ Leatherworld

He would have to be called Fritz, wouldn’t he? Anyone seen the new Rammstein clip already? “I can’t get laid in Germany!”

Leopold the Dungeonkeeper

He was called Fritz too, but he changed his name.

Death 1942

Subtitle: “The duel in the snow.”

Christian Text Adventure Kittens

eat mouse
I don’t think the mouse would care for that.

TIGSource did have a competition for the video game name generator - the entrants are here, although none of them are parser-based IF (We Love Mind Control Rocket comes close).

Jobs Revenge

God had better watch out. (Please ignore the missing apostrophe.)

Frankenstein’s Hobbit

'Cause you have to start small.

Sharing All The Way Book III: Askin

They don’t do answerin until book VII.

Attack of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Me Pumping!

One for the “real amateurs” channel.

I really must stop now. Right. Stop. Now.

Just one more refresh…

This is rather addictive, isn’t it?

Gerbil Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
Hampstead Godzilla: The True Story
Dracula of Nazareth
Drive-In Puzzle Box
Escape from Things
Murder Daughter

(I’m having to check all of these against IFDB to make sure they’re not real titles. Especially the last one. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and there are some deranged geniuses out there.)

You must be doing the general IF ones. I like the links for IFComp 2008 and 2009. :slight_smile:

Aunt Velma’s Coming to in the Snow
…and once she’s awake, she’s gonna notice that wicked frostbite…

Pirating Quest
Surely this already exists…

Dig Cave
An extreme landscaping sim.

Screen the Verb
Because too many verbs have been prank-calling me.

Nerd Waif
This speaks for itself.

Art D’s First Weapon
He was but a wee lad back then.

Augmented Death
This is even better than plain old death. Trust us!

GATOR-ON: Friend of Marie Antoinette
A historical romance with a twist.

Here Quest
(One of the shorter Quests.)

It’s a new addiction.

Pass the Holy Grail

Arthur’s knights celebrating is not a pretty sight.

Downtown Tokyo, Present Crack City

Get some free with your manga.

Condemned for Spam

And you deserve it!

Alcohol solves Snowquest

Ah, that’s why the story didn’t make sense to me when I played it sober!

Eruption Kill Everything

When volcanos speak.

Dig the Snow

Hey, that’s a spoiler!

Arnold the Adventurer Hunter

He has hated those bastards ever since one broke into his house and stole the family heirloom.

Beta to the Ninth Power

In other words: bugfest.

A Date With Nether Regions

Okay, now it’s time to stop.

Since this has become a small hit with some people and to my surprise even the old 2008 comp title edition is still popular, I’ve now added all the previous IFComps to the generator. Plus there’s an option to mix titles from any IFComp ever.

Ieeee!!! I thought I was done!

And the Waves Choke the Guest
This is why we never have company over.

Undo Act of Murder
Too late now. It’s the waves’ fault.

Mystery Just Cause
No particular reason. Just 'cause.

Alien Paradise
Subtitle: The Beaches of Alpha Centauri

Ruined At Last
Ruining things is harder than you might think.

Jacks or Beans
A wild retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Terrible Day for Reaping
It’s a darker, edgier sequel.

Research Rent-A-Spy
He doesn’t do much spying, preferring instead to stay indoors.

Stupid Missing Piece
A short game about a little boy and a frustrating jigsaw puzzle.

Lunatix: The Grief
Hey. That’s not fair. It wasn’t that bad…

Ninja The Contest
I think I saw this on G4. Involves a zany obstacle course?

Sabotage Spanned the Ages
This is why our society has never been able to progress.

Congratulations! Samuel Gregor
You might already be our next millionaire!

Slouching Traveling Swordsman
His back hurts.

Goofy Mirror
Nothing’s wrong with the mirror…

A Day for Soft Optimism
Since most days are for hard pessimism, this is an improvement.

You Are Out
No way! I was safe! Totally safe!! You stink, ref!!

A Night Unforgotten
No joke here. That actually sounds like a real title!

Scavenger Crypt
You definitely don’t want to go in there.

Sophie’s Immortal
Ah! So that’s why she never seems to age.

Stiffy Makane: The Amnesia
But from what I’ve heard, it something not easily forgotten…

Oh yeah, time to revive this addiction! Here’s the link.

Not the Same Familiarity

It’s a totally different familiarity.

Out of Doom

It’s time to kick ass and play Doom. And I’m all out of Doom.

A Paper Infinity

(That’s actually beautiful.)

The Best Labours of Hercules

It’s the Reader’s Digest version. They had an online poll first.

Alcatraz Wonderland

It’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

Escape from a Planet Filled with Afterlife

Much worse than normal life.

Journey to Alpha Centauri (In Overflow

First attempt, where he used an integer to keep count of the seconds. (Second attempt.)

Assault on Pi

He refused to be rational.

Bane of Africa

The new biography of Leopold II.

Count Dracula’s Breathing

John Seward’s seminal paper on vampiric respiration.

Dawn of the Deadline

The day everyone dreads.

Fun and From Hell

An erotic comedy about succubi.

The Curse Created That Monster?

We’re not quite sure about the causality, but there is certainly correlation.

Choose Your Own Information

That’s why we no longer speak about “data”.

Chicks Dig Queen

Especially fat-bottomed ones.

Saigon: The Agenda

A chapter from Henry Kissinger’s sensational memoirs.

Losing : A Speed IF

It is exceedingly short.

Inca Paparazzi

Atahualpa didn’t have a moment of privacy.

And without comment: Foreplay Crystal Wand; Depravity Delta; Amateur Adventure; Coming Out of Drool.

Okay, one more. Or two.

Insider Helped by a Squirrel

They never found out who did it.

Rendition II

Please, no?

At the Bottom of Zombies!


Eric the Power-Mad Menagerie!

They already killed the gazebo.

Sisyphus in the Big Easy

He ain’t rollin’ that stone no more.

-Dank-Dungeon Pink

The colour of her ball-gag.

Castle of Nazareth

It’s where Jesus poured boiling oil on the Romans.

Escape from the Statue

(Hint: just type “go north”. It’s a statue.)

Opium for Flesh

The darkest game about addiction. Ever.

I Didn’t Know You in Seattle

But I certainly did in Las Vegas!

Dracula Part 1: The First House of O’s

That was before her story.

Planet Supernova

The real estate prices are really low.

It’s Mortal


Logic Working Late

The wife keeps complaining, but he has all the good arguments on his side.

Beat the Think. Expire.
Because that’s the only way to beat the thinking.

Zombie! Andrew Plotkin
After all, “glulx” sounds like something the undead would say.

Waldo’s Nirvana
Where is Waldo? Waldo is everywhere.

A Change in Traveling Swordsman
Because you don’t like the first one you’ve been travelling with.

Slouching Towards Documents
The sequel is Slouching Towards Copy Machine.

Death to my X
For people who want to play the ylophone.

Fort Verb
You can’t guess the verb until you break in.

Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Dimension
…can stay undiscovered, thank you ever so much.

My Name is Packrat
Because you’ve never played a game with that theme before.

Rape, Pillage, Moon
One of these things is not like the others.

The Last Just Last
Like Bond James Bond.

Mystery Badger
Seeks mystery mushroom.

She’s Surfing
Hang ten!

Favorite one I got:

Unholy Overflow

I got three names along a common theme:

[b]City of Probing

Enter He-Man

One Night in the Husband[/b]