IFComp 23 entry maps

Between David Welbourn’s latest Patreon posts (https://www.patreon.com/posts/four-free-for-91911554 / (paid) https://www.patreon.com/posts/eat-eldritch-91911324 ) and @patrick_mooney’s review topic with maps, I thought it’d be neat to try for a list of entries that had maps, or needed maps. This might help people push through with tricky entries.

I’m not sure how well I can keep this updated but I’d like to give it a shot. I’d like this topic here so people can use it for reference. Even entries that seem simple, it’s just good to know there are no crazy secrets.

For starters I only picked off entries I played or that David and Patrick got to.

BOLD means in-game map.
Italics means no map necessary, or no directions. If someone finds a way to map an entry I mapped with italics, congrats on your ingenuity–I’d be glad to change things!

  • All Hands
  • All Hands Abandon Ship Patrick
  • All the Troubles Come My Way
  • Antony & Cleopatra: Case IV: The Murder of Marlon Brando
  • Artful Deceit (this seems a good candidate)
  • Assembly David
  • Bali B&B
  • Barcarolle in Yellow (this seems a good candidate)
  • Beat Witch (this seems a good candidate)
  • Bright Brave Knight Knave (included with binary, but I posted it in this topic)
  • Citizen Makane Me, in this topic
  • CODENAME OBSCURA Tabitha / Author’s walkthrough/map at ifcomp.org
  • Creative Cooking (this seems a good candidate)
  • Death on the Stormrider Daniel, the author
  • Detective Osiris David
  • Dr Ludwig and the Devil Patrick
  • Dysfluent
  • Eat the Eldritch David
  • The Engima of Solaris
  • Escape your psychosis (this is in book-CYOA form, so we could do a graph of which pages link where)
  • The Finders Commission(I think Autumn wrote one in her Twitch review?)
  • Fix Your Mother’s Printer
  • For Eternity, Again and Again
  • GameCeption
  • Gestures Towards Divinity Patrick
  • The Gift of What You Notice More
  • Hand Me Down
  • Have Orb, Will Travel (this seems a good candidate)
  • Hawkstone (this seems a good candidate)
  • Help! I Can’t Find My Glasses!
  • Honk! Patrick
  • How Prince Quisborne the Feckless Shook His Title (seems like a good candidate if only for the intro)
  • In The Details
  • Into The Lion’s Mouth
  • Kaboom
  • LAKE Adventure (map in the feelies)
  • Lake Starlight
  • Last Valentine’s Day
  • Last Vestiges
  • The Library of Knowledge
  • The Little Match Girl 4 (seems like a good candidate)
  • Lonehouse
  • The Long Kill
  • LUNIUM (one-room entry)
  • Magor Investigates… Patrick
  • Meritocracy
  • Milliways: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe Max, the author
  • My Brother; The Parasite
  • My Pseudo-Dementia Exhibition (map on left-hand side)
  • One Does Not Simply Fry
  • One King to Loot them All
  • One Knight Stand
  • Out of Scope
  • Paintball Wizard (twine, but mappable, with a parser feel)
  • The Paper Magician (map in binary)
  • Please Sign Here
  • Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head
  • Ribald Bat Lady Plunder Quest JoeyAcrimonious, the author
  • The Sculptor
  • Shanidar, Safe Return
  • The Ship
  • A Thing of Wretchedness Patrick
  • To Sea in a Sieve (one room)
  • Trail Stash (map with binary)
  • Tricks of light in the forest (GrueScript, map is possible but also intuitive during gameplay)
  • The Vambrace of Destiny (map in-game)
  • Virtue
  • We All Fall Together
  • The Whale’s Keeper (this seems possible even without a directional map. We can see if we’ve covered all the paths, and since it’s not Twine, we can’t open it in Twine for a map.)
  • The Whisperers
  • Who Iced Mayor McFreeze? David Patrick
  • The Witch Patrick
  • Xanthippe’s Last Night with Socrates (no map)

I have a hand-drawn one for Codename Obscura that I could clean up and share!


I could the maps for Milliways! (I’ll have to get it first though.)

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Oh, and I think you could make this a wiki post somehow so that anyone could edit it, if you wanted!

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Death on the Stormrider has one in the feelies, but it’s drawn like a floor plan so it doesn’t always indicate the directional commands you need to use. So I’ve been considering putting together a box-and-line one as well.

Wow, yeah, that’d be good … that’s one I want to get to before judging ends since it’s Adventuron-ish!

Author contributions are definitely more than welcome :slight_smile: there are 2 weeks left so there is no rush. I suspect those who want to get through entries will be most likely to get down to things over the weekend.

That would be best! I keep saying I need excuses to poke at it more. I know I see a lot of entries I’d like to get to.

Excellent … that’d be neat to have those options! I may only update the topic once a day, but the first serious edit, I’ll put that in there. (I may, myself, look through my notes for Citizen Makane. But I’m not “calling” or reserving it or anything. Just, the more maps, the better, so if someone has them right there, please do post!)


Here’s the hand-drawn one; box-and-line one probably coming later this week. (I have a lot of things I want to do once the October 31 deadline for abstracts passes.)

Hidden under a bar because large image



I’m making one for PYHITPH now. Actually it’s more like a strategy guide.

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So, turns out my drawn-purely-for-reference-while-playing map for Codename Obscura is missing some locations and some labels. I still redrew it, but not very well. :sweat_smile: But sharing in case it is helpful to someone (or maybe it will at least inspire someone else to make a better one?).

Ugly map


(PQ has an in-game map, if that’s supposed to make it bold)


Spoiler and no-spoiler:



You know, I always thought the world of Ribald Bat Lady Plunder Quest was pretty easily navigable, but now that I’m looking at the map I just made for it… huh.

A map for Ribald Bat Lady Plunder Quest


Thanks for collecting this, Andrew! Helps me to decide what to play next while the Comp’s still going. Hawkstone is coming up in my personal shuffle, so I’m going to book up my Windows VirtualBox and take a whack at it.

Could you alter the listing for The Witch to note that my map is incomplete? It does not include the end-game maze, which is quite large. (But that maze, and also the earlier tree maze, which I did map, have maps provided in the game’s feelies.)

Thanks again!

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No map might be necessary for To Sea in a Sieve, but David Welbourn has nevertheless thoughtfully provided one in his walkthrough. I particularly like that the boat is brown against a sea-green background.


No problem! I’ll go through once a day for these edits.

David is good at that. His guide walkthroughs with mechanical notes are a nice complement to Patrick’s which offer reviews on the side.


Hi @alyshkalia @aschultz @Draconis @TeeAitchAre @johnnywz00 @JoeyAcrimonious @patrick_mooney and @J_J_Guest !

I just updated a new map and walkthrough for Codename Obscura V1.0.30:

Enjoy and happy gaming to everyone!


Here are some box-and-line maps for Stormrider, which hopefully don’t discourage players from also making their own!

White dashed lines are connections that require a puzzle of some sort to open. Gray dashed lines are connections that exist on the ship that can never be traversed in the game—for example, the door between Ishme’s Cabin and the Work Area is sealed and can never be opened in play.

Trizbort file: map_complete.json (17.6 KB)


Hi @aschultz,

Could you please at some point make an update to the list of available maps, for Codename Obscura, from Tabitha’s drawing to this one: https://2817.play.ifcomp.org/walkthrough/MapAndWalkthroughV1.0.30.pdf

Thanks! Mika


Updated! I will do so once a day.

Citizen Makane below.


Nice, but what does “Nil III Nay” mean? You seem to have used that as the name of some elevators, the library and a lecture room, if I’m not mistaken.