I need a good Rhyming Dictionary and other tools for poetry

Howdy, rhymers!

I currently just use RhymeZone as my rhyming dictionary. It’s pretty good but it’s not perfect. Do you know of anything better? Or anything that I can own or license instead of having to access through a website?

Also, I often find myself wanting a rhyme dictionary plus thesaurus combo - e.g. "I need a word that has something to do with crime and rhymes with “sliced”. Does such a thing exist? If so, I don’t want to waste time creating it myself.


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There are physical rhyming dictionaries available in bookstores - probably Amazon would give you the best selection if you’re not opposed to ordering through them. I’m unable to recommend, but as long as you have a current one, preferably including new-fangled “lingo”, that’d probably do for less-obscure rhymes.

Including Amazon in the search ensures results that are physical books instead of online resources


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https://www.punchlinedesign.net/pun_generator might work for that.


It looks like the Datamuse API has this capacity. I tried http://api.datamuse.com/words?rel_rhy=sliced&ml=crime and it promptly spit out “heist.”

(I don’t know how practical it is to access it not through the website. Also, I think it’s the same rhyming data as RhymeZone?)


I think the Datamuse API is exactly what I need, thanks!! The web API oughta be fine - they don’t mind if you ask 100,000 queries a day, which would be a lot even for me. I’ll write a front end to it for the “rhymesaurus” functionality, and share it when I’ve gotten it working.

Thanks again, Matt - this will double my limerick-writing speed!

onelook.com lets you filter by both “rhymes with” and “related to”, but its rhyming is a bit loose. You can also request that words match a particular pattern, so you could look for words which are related to crime and end in -iced or -eist, which can be easier sometimes.

Rhymezone now has a “highlight words related to” box in its results page… sometimes. I can’t work out how it decides whether to show up. (The site’s also heavily American-accented.)

What I REALLY want is a site that will give me two words related to X that rhyme with each other.

I very well may create that, if it doesn’t exist.

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I whipped up a no-frills front end to the Datamuse API: http://rhyme.ninja/
so now you can type in “iced” and “crime” and it’ll give you “heist”
or “cat” + “animal” -> “rat”, “bat”, etc.

It’s currently just looking up synonyms, though; it would be nice to generalize it to a broader notion of “semantically related to somehow”. It’s on my to-do list.

Next I’ll add “two words related to X that rhyme with each other”


Could you do “a word related to X, and a word related to Y, that rhyme with each other”? That could revolutionise nonsense verse.


Sure, I’ll do that next.

The initial version of “two words related to X that rhyme with each other” is up now. It’s hit-and-miss - the Datamuse “related words” function doesn’t always return intuitive results, so I may need to extend it. But it’s not bad when it does get results, e.g.


Rhyming word sets that are related to animal :
bovine / canine / equine
cats / rats
dog / hog
dog / hog / wild dog
livestock / stock


Rhyming word sets that are related to farm:
agriculture / aquaculture
block / livestock / lock
cultivate / estate
cultivate / estate / operate
cultivating / operating
cultivation / operation
exploitation / operation
farmland / land
farmstead / homestead
operation / plantation
produce / use

Also it’s super slow. I would need to cache a local copy of the rhyming data (at least) to make it usably fast.

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Pairs of rhyming words where the first word is related to crime and the second word is related to heaven:
assassination / salvation
case / airspace
criminality / immortality
criminalization / salvation
fraud / god
sin / tin
victimization / salvation
violation / salvation


Pairs of rhyming words where the first word is related to writing and the second word is related to death :
brief / grief
composition / imposition
institution / execution
penned / end
submission / imposition

I was hoping it’d get “quill / kill”, but “quill” didn’t come up in the top 100 words related to writing. I bumped it up to 1000 and it got a ton more, my favorites of which were “story / gory” and “story / memento mori”, but it still didn’t get “quill / kill”. It’s too slow at 1000, though - I’m going to have to download the CMU Rhyming Dictionary myself if I want this to be both fast and useful.

It’s certainly useful as a proof of concept, though - try it out and let me know what you think.


This is cool! I asked for something where word one related to cheese and word two related to tribute and it tolerably quickly produced pepperoni / ceremony, pepperoni / testimony, and souffle / pay.

I figure if I were able to do enough relational work on the database that would help with my cheese spoonerisms but that would be for another day!

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Ah - it’s not the overhead of the web service call that’s making it slow. The default API to the CMU Pronunciation Dictionary is already slow.

time python rhymes.py
[u'diming', u'liming', u'priming', u'rhyming', u'timing']

real    0m1.493s
user    0m1.412s
sys     0m0.080s

I’ll need to preprocess the CMU pronunciation dictionary into a file or DB indexed by the rhyming part.

This is getting nontrivial; time to put it on github… https://github.com/pace212/rhyme-ninja/

Did you forget to push? Or did you intentionally post the github link with just a license and readme? :slight_smile:

It just took me a while to get everything ready. It’s pushed now!

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It’s fast now!

For example,
previously took 13.6s, and now takes 0.6s


Rhyming word sets that are related to space :
accommodation / location
air / square
floor / pore
place / space
site / upright
slot / spot


Here’s a fun one: Pairs of rhyming words where the first word is related to interactive and the second word is related to fiction

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Today I reworked the UI to hopefully be more intuitive. Check it out and let me know if you think it’s good, still too confusing, or if you have any suggestions.

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  • create and respect a blacklist file (eliminate slurs and some errors, LMK if you find any I missed)
  • fix a destructivity bug that was causing 75% of rhymes to go missing
  • fix the handling of words with no primary stress (now we dwim them instead of ignore them)
  • upgrade the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary to the latest version (more words!)
  • eliminate (some) duplication. I still need to figure out why the “-eer” words below didn’t all get grouped together.

This one’s for you, @robinjohnson:


Rhyming word sets that are related to “pirate”:
air / hair / swear
air / swear
attacker / cracker / hacker
bit / lafitte
branded / commanded
brave / dave / slave
buccaneer / musketeer
career / commandeer / mutineer
chinese / seas
coast / ghost
cried / replied
daring / swearing
disgrace / face
exclaimed / named / proclaimed
french / wench
gang / hang
hair / swear
handsome / ransom
raider / trader
sailor / whaler
soul / stole

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