how do you pronounce glulx?

So, how do you say it? Like it’s written? … rhymes with sulks or hulks … as in glulks (one syllable)

If so, when you pronounce it, do people look with concern and hand you a bucket?

The two most common pronunciations are ‘glux’ (rhymes with ‘flux’) and ‘glulcks’ (rhymes with sulks.) I’ve also heard ‘glue-lucks’.

But it’s one of a family of words where actual pronunciation isn’t all that important, because their usage is primarily and overwhelmingly textual.

My thing is, I just can’t ever remember when it has an ‘e’ at the end :confused: Like, one of them is an interpreter, and one of them is the … format thingy? I swear half the energy I spend avoiding the format is just avoiding the need to spell it.

Being nordic, I pronounce it either “g’luul’ks” or “g’lul’ks”, depending on the audience.

like as if you had your throat slit

This is how I say it.

Me too, and from a purely objective point of view that’s obviously the one sensible and in all manners of respects correct way to pronounce it, as anyone can easily confirm by personal experience and a little experimentation.

Unless, of course, you prefer to put an orcish accent to it – thus:

That is perfectly acceptable, as well.

That doesn’t sound like an NZ accent to me…

Nah, everyone knows that orcs sound like cockney geezers.

I say “glue-licks”. I say it a lot cuz it’s fun to say.

I suppose it’s similar - do you say Lin-ux or Line-ux? I’m in the former camp for that. Regarding glulx, I guess I would pronounce it glulks (rhymes with hulks).

Maybe I’m the only one who pronounces it so the vowel sounds like “pull”? Otherwise one syllable.

I’d argue that I pronounce it such that it rhymes with ‘hulks,’ as well as such that the vowel sounds like ‘pull.’ I suspect some regional phoneme differences. :slight_smile:

But I’m from Pittsburgh!

To be honest, now that I think about it, the only time I say it out loud is to (my frequent collaborator) Melvin and I think we both say gee-lux; this is more out of ease of speech than faith to spelling.

“Lee-nux” (like the “Li” in Linus Torvalds).

But I’m not! (Also: cool. Do you ever visit? We should hang out sometime if you do.)

Fortunately for that there’s a famous authoritative source.

glue’ lix

English phonology seems somewhat biased against consonantal clusters. In Swedish there’s nothing particularly odd about pronouncing each of the consonants in a word like “glupskt” and still producing a flawless monosyllable (though in everyday speech most people would probably drop the ‘k’).