Help with choosing an engine

I agree with going with Twine. Inform, Dialog and TADS can do a lot of these things (a character following you around, tracking sleep hunger and health, inventory system, time).

But, each of those languages is not currently set up for Chinese translation. Dialog has some limitations (see this thread on Dialog and Japanese: An experiment with parsing Japanese - #25 by MultidimensionalStep). Inform 7 is going to get unicode support soon but not yet: About inform7 imput Chinese question - #2 by mathbrush. TADS can work with Chinese but it takes a lot of work: About TADS3 show Chinese problem.

If you just use links in Inform, you could do it all in Chinese, since typing it in is the hard part. I use hyperlinks in Bisquixe but you can also do them in base Inform.

Twine on the other hand is basically just as flexible as javascript and html are flexible. It can do so much! There are already tons of example games with twine. You can download any modern twine games and open them up in the editor and see their code. For Chinese text and choice-based system, I definitely think it is best.

But everyone else already said these things. What I’d like to add is, I’d try making only some of these things at once. Try making a small game that has just inventory and conversations. Then add hunger timers, etc, one at a time. It’s very rare for someone to make a game as complex as the one you’ve described, especially on their first game. Doing a little piece at a time can make it a lot easier! And then you can find out if it’s fun or not. A lot of Twine and Inform combat games are not fun at all. A lot of people don’t like hunger and sleep timers. But if you make a little piece at a time, you can try each piece and see if it’s fun for you!