About inform7 imput Chinese question

I tried to use Chinese vocabulary as being “Understan rules”, but “inform” reported errors, Please see if there is a fine solution.

PS:Because I’m an English newbie, I have grammar errors. xwx


Inform is bad at understanding characters that aren’t ASCII.

There was a thread recently about Greek:

You might be able to add some extra code to turn mandarin characters into a romanization which the parser can understand, but it would be hard.


A proper Unicode parser that would be able to natively handle non-latin1 languages has been proposed and is in the works. It might be a while until that makes its way into a proper release.


very gratiude,I was tried to use unicode extension but it did not work,so maybe i can tried inform6 or tads3,but tads3 outputed chinese was like before the problem,maybe i can try inform6 can resolve.

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