Inform does not really support Foreign Languages.

Inform supports only Latin languages…
The parser supports only the English alphabet with the addition of the :
ä, á, à, ã, å, â and Ä, Á, À, Ã, Å, Â
ë, é, è, ê and Ë, É, È, Ê
ï, í, ì, î and Ï, Í, Ì, Î
ö, ó, ò, õ, ø, ô and Ö, Ó, Ò, Õ, Ø, Ô
ü, ú, ù, û and Ü, Ú, Ù, Û
ÿ, ý and Ý (but not Ÿ)
ñ and Ñ
ç and Ç
æ and Æ (but not œ or Œ)
¡, ¿

Just to give heads up to people who are trying to find an if system for a non Latin language before they lose their time reading the documentation or trying the program…

Are you talking about Inform 6 or Inform 7? Inform 6 certainly can handle other character sets, for example Russian games that use Cyrillic:

I am talking about inform7. I haven’t checked inform6 I thought that inform7 is something like inform6 +

Inform 7 is built on top of Inform 6, but from the user’s point of view they’re very different. Inform 6 is a more “traditional” programming system: a command-line driven compiler that accepts code written in a somewhat C/Pascal like syntax. Inform 7 is a front-end application and compiler that takes a completely different “natural language” input, generates Inform 6 code from it, which it then compiles with an embedded Inform 6 compiler.

The underlying layers of the system (the Z-Machine specification that defines how interpreters work and the Inform 6 language and compiler) can be used for non-Latin-1 games, with some difficulties. Inform 7, at present, cannot, since to fit in with Inform 7’s design ethos such support would have to be straight-forward to use (which can’t be said of Inform 6).

Thank you very much for your answers.

Oi vey. Inform 7 doesn’t even fully support ENGLISH. :astonished:

Inform 7 is not meant a strong AI, and it is not your mother. HTH.