Hard Puzzle 4!


I’ve only played it for like three minutes so far and it’s already a glorious wreck. But this game has some big shoes to fill, lemme tell ya! Will it live up to its predecessors’ genius? Time will tell…


Ha, I thought if you as soon as I saw it. I hope you solve it!


Unless it does.



I’m in the waiting room and I have the charcoal but I can’t get back to the altar!

It’s a lie that the cat gets tired too easily. I can’t get the cat to stop swiping at me!

I’m starting to think the charcoal isn’t relevant.



How deep does this wormhole go???

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How do I get a wedding ring?

What is Bob’s last name?

Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow with a fresh perspective. Oh man!

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You can also get charcoal by sacrificing the stool on the altar (while Bob is away or if you lock him out) so yeah, I wonder if it’s relevant…

Yeah, So many items and situations, and I can’t figure out what to do with any of them.

What do you do with Bob’s computer Is there actually a game somewhere?

Is there anything useful in your locker and how do you get it open?

How do you open the seed pod, and what is inside?

Can you get the purple sludge to do anything other than follow you around? Exploit 9C maybe suggests that it’s the right color to get you closer to winning? Can you feed it anything other than the milk bottle and the stool?

Edit: Oh yeah, and what about the lens?

I expect most of the objects are irrelevant! Red herrings wrapped in red herrings wrapped in purposefully buggy code! The audacity to release this in IFComp! I love it!

Has anyone gotten anywhere chatting with Jeremiah?

Haha, progress! No, I think a lot of the objects are going to end up being relevant. I got Hilsa off my bunk, which unlocked a new room and a bunch of other stuff including the “ring”. I now think it’s going to be about finding the items Cheryl wants before getting married. I bet you find out Bob’s last name during the ceremony so you can chat with Jeremiah.

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HOW did you get Hilsa off the bunk?

There’s an item she finds terrifying. Also (and unrelated), looking under things seems to be a thing.

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OH LORD this game! So that’s what it meant about building itself on top of the first Hard Puzzle’s code!

Oh? I was a little worried that I hadn’t played any of the others. But I’ll keep at it as long as I’m still having fun.

I just beat the first Hard Puzzle inside of Hard Puzzle 4. Astounding. But that’s clearly not the point this time around! It didn’t help!

I still don’t know how to get the ring. Is it one of the items in the Garage? I feel like I’ve tried to show them all to Bob and he doesn’t want any.

That one didn’t make any sense to me: random trying stupid nonsense. Look under the table in the BioDome.

Also, doors question: once you have the gantry door open, are you stuck? It seems like to close it there’s a loop: you need the inner closed, for which you need the farm closed, for which you need the gantry closed (or something, I’m just saying that from memory). Hrm. I guess I need to re-check my door dependency graph.

With the doors, you don’t need to follow any order. Try cheating and then decompile.