Final Open Beta for Never Gives Up Her Dead (now released!)

After many months and the help of dozens of people, my sci-fi Inform 7 game Never Gives Up Her Dead has finished alpha testing (version 63!) and has moved on to the final beta!

My target date for release is December 22nd. I don’t mind going later, but I definitely won’t release earlier!

Edit: It is now released!

All of the individual areas have been more or less thoroughly tested. I still have one or two reports out on the loose that will be trickling in, but I want to move away from content additions and into final checks.

So, I’m asking people to help go through the game. My goal is to check off all of the following boxes:

Area Length (in moves) Theme/vibe Difficulty Tester 1 Tester 2 Tester 3 Additional (if any)
Intro 30 exploration, party 1/10 X X X 6
Haunted House 200 classic movie monsters, psychology 4/10 X X X 1
Murder train 200 murder mystery…on a train 2/10 X X X 1
Wax museum 200 escape room 7/10 X X X 4
Horror caves 200 spells, fear 7/10 X X X 1
Robot combat 200 commanding npcs, cooking 9/10 X X X 1
Cabin in Forest 200 journal pages, woodworking 3/10 X X X 2
Zoo 200 animal puzzles 4/10 X X X 2
Monuments 200 math, physics 8/10 X X X 2
Rift tool 250 one room, limited parser 10/10 X X X
Story climax 70 Museum, party 1/10 X X X 1
Endings 1a/1b 100 Machinery 5/10 X X X
Ending 2 100 Escape, rope 5/10 X X X
Full playthrough 2000+ N/A N/A X

So, every time someone finishes an area and sends in a transcript and/or bug reports, I’ll mark that column with an X. I’ll use a question mark for transcripts in progress. I’ll release the game once the following conditions are met:
-Every area has 3 X’s
-At least one tester has played the whole game
-The date is at least 12/22/23

Of course, it’s possible that not enough people will be able or willing to be testers. If that’s the case, I’ll just keep the game ‘on the shelf’ until that’s possible. If three testers were willing to play the whole game, that would fill up all the X’s at once!

I’d love to have people test more than one area, because the biggest thing that past playtesters have missed is interconnectivity. Only 1 or two testers have ever played more than one area at a time, and weird stuff may happen when items from one are brought into another.

Thanks for everyone that’s helped! Instead of giving out walkthroughs, I’ll make a thread for hints, since the puzzles will be the same in the final release and having a public thread could be useful.

This is an open beta: you don’t need permission to join. Everyone can access the game file at:

To reach the area you chose to test, download the following txt guide:
GettingStarted.txt (1.7 KB)

A hint thread is here:

Thanks! I hope it is an enjoyable experience.

(Note: Due to the public nature of the test, it’s possible some transcripts or bug reports might be submitted that aren’t rigorous, i.e. ‘I didn’t find anything wrong’ or just following a walkthrough. I might not put an X for those).



Congratulations on getting to this point, Brian – what a milestone!

I am really really looking forward to finally getting my hands on this, and I intend to play all the way through; I might not get to start for a little bit since I’ve back-burnered a fair bit of stuff in order to wrap up my Comp playing and reviews, but I’ll definitely try to get it completed by early December so you have a chance to incorporate changes!

Again, congrats; this definitely feels like it’s something special.

EDIT: doesn’t look like that text file has any details on specific questions you’re looking for feedback on, or notes about interpreters to use/not use, so I assume that basically I should just share thoughts on anything that jumps out, and any interpreter should be fine?


Thanks, I really appreciate it! And early December would work perfectly, so feel free to take your time!


Congratulations on reaching full beta Brian!

I’ve downloaded the game and intend to play through from start to finish. Even when I don’t get there in time, I’ll send through my transcripts when they reach around 100-150 kB so you’ll have a steady stream of notes.

I won’t be able to start immediately, late november at the earliest.


Thanks, I appreciate it! That sounds like a great time frame. I plan on periodically releasing updates if people find a lot of bugs, so it might be worth redownloading when you do start. Thanks!


I’m still on board.


Thanks, Doug, any transcripts you send would be very helpful!

I’ve updated to version 2. This version includes minor cosmetic changes:
-Fixed a few typos in the opening area
-Made ‘outside’ work for the closet and crawlspace in opening area
-Made a really goofy puzzle solution in the final, serious area less goofy

There is no need to download a new version, I’m only documenting changes here in case someone wonders why it was updated.


Ooh, glad to see the game get this far! I tested a bit back in May and June. Really liked what I played, so if I can find the time, I’d like to pick up a few segments!


That would be great! When you have time, you can download from the links above and try one of the regions. My ideal would be having people test 2 regions after each other, to see if there are any weird interactions. But anything would be appreciated!


I just tried Intro and Haunted House in one session.



Version 3 has been released with feedback from @severedhand and @Lancelot. This version :

-fixes numerous typos
-clarifies some text
-removes duplicate descriptions of the old buck and of some bats
-makes bats visible when sleeping
-makes old goat not reference other goats
-removes a weird ‘does the player mean’ rule about a red token that does nothing anymore
-makes the number of animals mentioned in zoo signs line up better with the real number of animals
-some typos in main ship fixed
-Divya can now be referenced as ‘daughter’ and Harish as ‘father’.


Release 4 is out:

-You can now correctly identify a grave when undoing
-You can no longer become nude as a train attendant in a flashback
-The game no longer traps you in the past if you drop train tickets
-Scotch is always capitalized
-Several typos fixed in early speeches and thoughts
-Allowed you to discuss the rifts with the captain


I’m in again.


That’s great Jade!

Version 5:
-Players default to entering rifts if present
-Fixed the ‘getting started’ file above to say TEST ALLINTRO instead of just ALLINTRO.
-Players now know that they broke into a castle
-Several grammar fixes in castle region
-Fixed typo: officer’s quarters->officers’ quarters
-Several other typos in opening area
-People notice if you shout during a presentation


I have been playing beta4 this morning for almost three hours… Now I see that current version is number five. I can’t barely keep on this race. This is happening too fast for me.


None of the versions have any game changing changes so far. Feel free to use any version!


I have started playing today - a lot of fun!! I’ve played through the intro and almost all of the Wax museum. I’ll send you the transcript, which includes several comments made with *


I am stuck in the cabin area: I seem to have several materials for paint, but no recipe. I guess I am missing some pages. Also, I know how to make plaster, but I seem to have no suitable container to get the mud. Even though the difficulty is indicated as much less than the wax museum, I have more difficulty with this one :slight_smile:


Hmm, have you tried going round west of the house? Have you got the climbing shoes from the World Monuments section, maybe? It’s been a long time since I played that section.

ETA: This thread might be of help.

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Ah sorry, I meant to place this post in that thread instead. Will copy it in there.