#ECTOCOMP2019 is ready!

So… you know the drill. Are you not tired enough of developing and playings games for the IFComp? Don’t worry, #ECTOCOMP2019 is ready to deplete your remaining energies.

This year we have a special tribute to a very special work of Interactive Fiction. It is very hard to miss.

Remember, the objective is to create spooky (or not) text-based games that celebrate the Autumn festivities. Because of that, the games should be ready BEFORE Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos or Noche de Difuntos. That is, BEFORE October 30th.

ECTOCOMP is a light-spirited ranked competition hosted at itchio.com. There are two languages, and only two categories, for games done quickly in under 4 hours, or games that took more than 4 hours to create.

This year we have some experimental features, so, please, read the rules carefully.

Thanks! Enjoy!


Would storygames made on a site like ChooseYourStory be acceptable here, or does it have to be something that can be downloaded?

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But, does not ChooseYourStory allows to export to html? If yes, you can upload the html file and be playable online by itchio.

If not, you can set a description that contains the link to the external site.


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It’ll have to be the latter. Everything is built into the site, and it’s like 20 years old and unlikely to ever get an update like that at this point.

Thanks for the info, I had a couple of friends interested, but they were too frightened and confused to consider writing it in anything else, and too intimidated to make accounts and ask here. This information should warm their fragile blown glass hearts. (Hopefully in a slow and steady temperature controlled manner, for safety…)

E: next question. Can one author enter two games?

Two or twenty :wink: Whatever you want or can.

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