#ECTOCOMP2019 is ready!

I figured it out,there were some fields set by default that made the game ineligible for submission.

One other question: I never got prompted for whether the game was in the petite mort or grand guignol category. This being the first “small” game I’ve made, I’d like it to be in that first category as it really was an experiment to see how much I could get done in 4 hours.

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Check the Jam submission page, you might be able to edit that and specify? (There’s a submission page that doesn’t have your game, but links to it.)

Thanks, guys. I’m without computer till Tuesday. Thanks for helping out.

About the la petite mort category, I think I failed to set it out, let’s see if @joshg could edit the jam and add it (copying from the past year? I think).

Thanks for tagging me on that! Updated, and now you should be prompted to choose a category when you add your submission.


Last day for sending your games! Hold on!

1 day to enjoy those terrifying games!

Also, check the final countdown at the official site. Don’t miss the deadline if you are going to develop till late!


Wow that kind of crept up on me. Better get the files compiled and uploaded to itch.io :slight_smile:


Warning. Seen in the community page of the comp:

"Just as a heads up, the button to click when using an existing project in the jam entry form is blank.

You can still use an existing project by clicking the blank button, though!"

That is, the button is blank but it works fine. Weird eh?


Hi! I started and finished my entry today! It’s called Limerick Night and I hope y’all enjoy it! It was a mad rush - 37 limericks in 3 hours and 57 minutes. I’m hella sleepy right now but I look forward to checking out your games soon!


Is the comp open now? The itch page seems to say so

It’s open for judging but closed for submissions.

need anything, Math?

I was just trying to find a big announcement that says ‘You can start judging now’ for me to share. But I can’t find any on here or on Twitter!


  • exactly as many Grand Guignol as Petite Mort games
  • Most games are Spooky games

I went back and forth on whether to classify my thing as “Spooky” or “Halloween” and I decided on the latter

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I’m so tired, I have no idea if my entry’s any good or not. I’m just glad to have actually finished something in twine for the first time since last ectocomp!

Also don’t know how much time I’ll have to play the other games, but I’m already intrigued by the one that’s named after a Lemon Demon song.


Ah! I just was waiting for America. (And also pretty busy day in job, and just I slept only 5 hours because my own submissions :))

Will do it asap.

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I was worried I had somehow missed the whole thing lol

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Just wanted to say, thanks for the helpful responses about my potential Python game, even if it didn’t make it in.

I had about 90 minutes of coding time left to test things, but it was tricky, and I gave up. I figured out all the test cases in my head yesterday. So, maybe next year.

On the bright side, I managed to do something productive while procrastinating my original EctoComp idea…so that worked out!


So… IFComp winners have been announced, and with that, we have passed the equator of the judging period for ECTOCOMP 2019.

We have still 12 days to play, judge and comment on the rest of the Ectocomp games.

Itchio provides several tools, and filters, to help you with the task at hand.

Also, here is a list of the games with fewer comments and votes… so, you know, feedback and participation is what keeps alive this kind of events, and the interest of the authors.


Come on! Let’s push for the last days of horror!


Ah!, I forgot. You can use this thread at twitter to promote the comp (if needed/want):