Easiest authoring system to translate to other languages?

I’d like to write some text adventures in Chinese, but I can’t find a complete system that has a parser for Chinese games. Rather than starting from scratch with my own engine (which seems to require more coding work than translating work), is there any established IF authoring system that is quite easy to translate, for instance, offering some file which I can edit?

Note: I simply want to be able to create games where the language of play is Chinese, I don’t want to translate the language of the code of the authoring language itself into Chinese.

Have you tried Quest?
It may have some translations you could use, including Manderin Chinese.

There’s no Chinese translation of Quest yet, but it should be possible to create one for Quest 5.0.

It would be a matter of translating English.aslx:

quest.codeplex.com/SourceControl … 8945#34545

I was referring to Quest Creator 4.3.
Quest Creator Reviews
It’s a game (T for teen) that behaves like a game creator.
The game has magical settings in the middle ages.
You can make your own species like WoW, or build your own quests like Fairy Tales II/III.
It’s free to download if you intend to pay for it ($15).

It can also make characters in 3D like South Park’s “The End Of The World, of Warcraft”.

That seems quite easy for me to translate, the problem is, I don’t use Windows, so if I translate it, will I be able to use that for other systems?

The Editor is Windows-only, but you can play games on any system with a web browser (using the “Play online” link at www.textadventures.co.uk)

Isn’t their any easy way to translate a parser for Tads 2 or 3 or Inform 6 or 7 or Alan or Hugo or another system that uses a programming language?

Inform and Tads support parser translation. In the case of Tads 3, the language dependent parts of the parser are split in their own directory (lib/adv3/en_us/). To translate it, you copy the “en_us” directory (which stands for “United States English”) to a new directory and then edit that copy. It’s not an “easy” task though; it (obviously) assumes you know quite well how Tads 3 works.

Okay, I guess I’ll work on translating TADS 3. It doesn’t appear as if Inform 7 supports CJK text very well, but maybe I’m wrong. I can’t enter every word as a string of numbers.

The I7 editor supports entering non-English characters directly. They will come out in the game as entered.

(Although you may have to mess with your editor font. In the Mac IDE, the default font doesn’t have CJK characters – I had to switch it to see what I was typing.)