Creating parser based IF in German


I’d like to get a overview on possible systems that can create classical parser-based IF in German.
With the help from the postings below I put together this list:

Are there any other systems, that are actually or could be made capable for writing german IF?

Thanks in advance.


Recently, we have translated the ADRIFT standard library to Danish, so I would expect it can be done in German too. However, I don’t know much german so I cannot be certain that there will not be issues.

I have made a Dutch version of XVAN, so I think German must be possible as well.

I think you mentioned all the main options.

In addition, there are these:

Martin also wrote a comparison of several authoring systems quite a while ago:

It’s rather cumbersome, but I think you could run Inform 7 6G60 with the GerX extension within a virtualbox, using a Linux distro as the virtual OS.

By the way, I’d be glad if we could revive the German IF scene!

I myself am guilty of only sporadically posting at, and my works-in-progress haven’t made much, uh, progress, so I’m not claiming to have a good recipe for that, but it would be cool.
There are several people here who might also be interested: @Mikawa (of course), and presumably @HerrRau, and some others in various threads from time to time.

Viele Grüße :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you write any Dutch IF? Dat zou mij zeker interesseren. :slight_smile:

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I’m not Dutch, but German (although the name might suggest it :grinning:) …

I was replying to Marnix, who apparently wrote a Dutch library!

@Victor, I sent you a PM so this thread will not be deranged.


Is the extension available somewhere? I speak a little German, and I could take a look at the extension to see if it can be adapted to work with the latest Inform.

(It’d be quick and dirty: it takes time to write a full language extension for the latest Inform, and my German is not good enough to write things like the code for automatic conjugation of verbs.)


Thanks a lot for the offer!

The extension is available here:, specifically

If you have the time and want to take a look, that would be cool. However, to avoid duplicate work, you could try to coordinate the effort with @Mikawa and @ChristianB. As far as I know, they have not abandoned the development, but rather put it on hold, because there was no satisfying solution for various problems which occurred due to internal changes with the Preform layer in Inform.

First, there was a problem in the transition from 6G60 to 6L02, which some translations tried to work around (cf. this thread, but you know more details about that than I do), and then again in the move from 6L02/6L38 to 6M62, cf. this thread.
And the consensus among the developers of GerX was that the most sensible course was to wait until these issues were resolved. That’s the status quo as far as I know.

(I put a posting on just now, but I doubt it will revitalise the German IF scene. Still, it would be nice.)

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Quest has German built in.

There are several languages you can choose when youcreate a game, either on-line (need an account) or with the desktop version.

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Thanks for the many replies guys. I put all the systems and their links together in the first post, so that someone in the future might make use of it.