Cragne Manor hint thread

(matt w) #281

Well, you should now know what to do with the


and from what you said that should give you something to do in the


where I haven’t been yet.

As for the tavern, I only know some rumors I heard on the authors’ forum. I haven’t solved this yet and it seems like it shouldn’t be too far along its puzzle chain, because there are several puzzles that come after it, but maybe I’m wrong about that?

So, if anyone has better information, maybe solve for that–but I’ll tell you about the rumors.

First of all,

The description of the bartender made me think I was looking for a bag of pot, but apparently this is not so. Alas.

OK, actual rumor here:

Is there anywhere you might find out some more information about the pub?

Somewhere you might find out more information about other places in town, in theory?

Ask Bethany about the pub and read the folder.

[spoiler]There’s a secret menu!{/spoiler]

…which I have been unable to steal, and I’m pretty sure I can’t get from the real estate office.

I hear the secret menu is the key to distracting the bartender…


I have no idea where it is.

Maybe I saw it but didn’t recognize it? I really don’t know.


Awesome, and thank you again to matt w! :wink: So yes; it seems like I’m still stuck somewhere probably involving the rec room &/or tavern from my previous post, annnnnnnnnd :confused: ?


matt w!

re: Tavern:

I have “seen” the secret menu, such as it is, and… pfffft. It and the info surrounding it are not helping me with this issue. I’m going to go stare at it some more…

(matt w) #284

So just to be clear about the Tavern,

The secret menu you can find in the real estate office is, as far as I know, not the one you need for the puzzle.

That’s in line with what the coffee cup tells me

and as Jenni, who wrote the real estate office, also wrote the coffee cup, it seems really unlikely that she’d mess that up.

On the other hand if

you’ve seen the secret menu elsewhere, like somewhere where it isn’t redacted

then I suspect what you need to do is

order something from it. Or ask the bartender for something from it. Or ask the bartender about something from it. (The command ASK PERSON FOR THING tends to be buggy everywhere, due to a quirk in the conversation extension we were using.)


The rec room is the sticking point for a whole giant chain of stuff.

You’ve looked for every game you’ve ever heard of… in real life? Have you heard of any board games in the game?

Is there anywhere you might hear about some?

Some kind of advertising perhaps?

Re: the tavern:

The secret menu in the real estate office is 100% a joke. Well, 87% a joke, 13% a true expression of my feelings about secret menus in general.

(matt w) #286

So… were the comments about the similar thing in the Cragne Manor slack also a joke?


Re: board games

Advertising… no… but I’ll think about this for a bit. Thank you!

(Hanon Ondricek) #288

Surely there had to be some accident with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey elements because in my room, the library book was actually destroyed in the past and you have to rescue it via adventuring magic. My retro-explanation is [spoiler]when the old school section around the church burned down, the Backwater main library, of course, had to replace all their books that were in the school library on loan and burned up. The book Peter checked out was the replacement (or one of the multiples - can’t have too many books about knots!) and the copy you rescue is the old one from the past which has the same shelving number.



i’ve solved the washroom in the Meatpacking but have no idea about the office.

Do I unlock the filing cabinet? My coffee cup says I have what’s needed, but none of the keys in my possessionwork.

Or is the secret hidden in the dust?

Hint please

(Brian Rushton) #290

Your idea in the third part is correct. There is a fruitful action that ought to be repeated.


I carried that dead rat around the entire game.


Finally moved away from fixating about the dust

and moved on to looking under the desk



Hi again! I’m nearly done this little gem of a game, I’m just stuck on one last thing.

I need to get a cyst somewhere. I have done the letter opener bit, and gotten the wind chime, gone to the shack etc. But I don’t know where to find the cyst. someone elsewhere in the thread mentioned a curiosity shop, and I haven’t seen one of those. I suspect I may be able to get a cyst there, but I need help finding it. Thanks!


Nevermind, found the thing I was looking for!


at the Old Well

I have summoned several things - to no avail.

Could someone please confirm that there are only 6 colored arches in addition to the wooden arch

Is the solution interacting with the things above in the correct sequence? I think I’ve tried every combination of those things

I have summoned a bird, an octopus, a horse and a worm and other things that don’t stay around. Do they do anything?

I’m out of ideas. Hint please


Old Well: okay can confirm there are only six arches, you definitely do want to do some things in the correct sequence; reading the journal again might be helpful


What are the possible outcomes of the Christabell and Carol puzzle?

Does one of them have to destroy the other or is it possible for them to reconcile their differences? In the end I helped Christabell destroy Carol.

(matt w) #298

On a quick look through the source code

I think the only possible outcome is to end with both destroyed, but there’s another way to do it.

The first and most obvious way is to wait around for Christabell to finish destroying Carol, with your help.

The second way is to jump out the window while they’re fighting.


Can I have some help with the apparently obtuse meat plant bathroom puzzle? Someone mentioned there being some help ‘a few pages earlier’ but I couldn’t find it. That’s right, I’m asking for a hint for a hint-thread. That’s the kind of game Cragne Manor is.

The moldy journal you found in the tree is important. Aside from that:

A little math will reveal that there are indeed only six arches apart from the wooden one. There are four environments and the arches are the six possible connections between them.

The fun thing about this puzzle is…

[spoiler]Every possible three-stage journey a creature can make through the environments produces a completely unique creature. Not all of them simply leave immediately. Some even have fully written scenes when summoned, and only some of those result in your immediate and horrible death. Writing down all the possible combinations isn’t as daunting as it seems.

The moldy journal is your friend; it contains everything you need to know about the necessary creatures. Well, ALMOST everything - the specific journeys needed are listed only in part, but you’ll need less trial and error to complete them than you think. Welcome to the thrilling world of combinatorics![/spoiler]

And one extra tip:

Prodding a monster-in-progress will kill it. Very useful when undoing after a less-than-survivable summoning.

(matt w) #300

craiglocke’s very thorough and excellent Invisiclues for the meat plant bathroom start in this post. (Invisiclue-style, meaning that you can reveal them spoiler by spoiler and return to the puzzle when you get the hint you need.)