Cragne Manor hint thread

(matt w) #201

General tip: Pulling the string on the doll can help you find things you haven’t noticed, sometimes!


Thanks, Matt! I’ll give it a go, just ran through the horse puzzle again due to restore. Nice that it took ten minutes instead of the two days the first go round!!


Any tips on the Old Well with the golden eyepiece? I get the mechanics, but I need direction. Thanks!


Did you find the moldy, waterlogged journal yet? It has directions.

(Hanon Ondricek) #205

That fear was a source of paralysis for many of us authors as well during testing. Don’t be afraid to save often and plow in with the expectation that logic between rooms doesn’t always make sense, except when it does! The dread of not knowing what is going on is a feature! :laughing:

Nearly every room is its own complete minigame; some are very easy, others are extremely hard. If you are stuck, don’t be afraid to continue exploring and wait for some item or information that turns up later. It’s also a good idea to save frequently - possibly even when you enter a new room. There are a few places that will trap you (but which are usually internally escapable) that you might want to come back to instead of feeling stuck.


I’m attempting to follow that advice, albeit leaving a trail of unsolved puzzles behind in the hope that inspiration belatedly arrives.

Discovering an attribute of an early open item can be repeatedly checked has been a great help Hint the coffee cup


Now I feel really dumb.

What to do in the south hallway upstairs in the manor?
I assumed the point was unlocking a certain door, but apparently that was not the case and I have some unfinished business there.
This is the only location where the coffee says I have everything I need, but I am stuck.

All I did was creating a hole in the wallpaper, but after that things got only more confusing.

Another problem I am stuck on is unlocking the box from the church office.

Can someone please help?


South Hallway:

There are some possible interactions with the hole in the wallpaper, specifically [rant]entering it[/rant]


The key here is figuring out how the pictures relate to the symbols on the buttons.


South Hallway:

In the hole I need something I do not have, because the coffee tells me to seek fresh perspective.
What did I miss?
Plus the description in the hole sounds like a source code.

And I would appreciate more help with the box.

I have no clue how buttons and pictures are related and what to do to figure it out.


South Hallway:

It is in fact source code, for the South Hallway! If you read it closely, you’ll spot something that wasn’t mentioned in the hallway’s description.


It has to do with numbers.


Oh my god. I’m such an idiot. Completely forgot I had what I needed for that area! That’s what I get for only playing Cragne Manor at work :wink:


Day 3 in the meatpacking plant bathroom…there’s a joke in here somewhere.

Coffee says I should have everything I need and each item I’ve found has its purpose, but I’m still missing a few things. Have read the conversation between craiglocke and purple_monkfish. I should have

mountain dew and a trilobyte

Pulled the string, searched/examined every word I can think of…help?



Question about ‘Basement (Ivan Roth)’ and also the forbidden annex. The coffee tells me I’m done in both places. At the same time, Emmett tells me that there is a book every time I enter – also in both places. I have interacted with Fedwick, ran away from the tentacles, then returned. Fedwick dropped a everything that I had given to him and a vial of blue liquid, but no library book. His cabinet contains a list of books. None of them are on the library book list.

Somebody suggested that F should have dropped “Buried Tales of Old Vermont.” He didn’t, but that book also isn’t on my library book list. I checked whether I had returned it to the library and forgot, but no. It looks like that book never was on my book list.

I am confused. Can anybody help?


This sounds like a weird bug and I’m not sure how it happened either! As long as the book isn’t showing up on your library list, you should (I think?) be able to complete the game without incident. Emmett will be disappointed but he’ll just have to deal.


Thanks. Going back to my earliest save where I have the book list, it’s not there either. Hope Emmett won’t throw a tantrum in the end.

(matt w) #216

This was where I got stuck on the same puzzle.

Do you have a thing that you haven’t used?

One that seems like it duplicates the functionality of something you have already used?

What if you use it anyway?


Try lighting the foot candle on the pentagram.


I have a few things that I’m not sure are bugs in the hint systems, so double-checking here:

The Greenhouse:

I cleaned the parrot, climbed the tree, collected something from the birdcage, and got a message saying I reached the peaceful resolution to that room. However, when I’m on the mesh walkway or higher, the cup still says I’m missing an item. Is there actually something left to do here?

The Church Narthex/Restroom:

[spoiler]The glasses say there’s a book in the Narthex. (I’m only missing To Have and To Have Knots) But the cup says there isn’t anything to do there, but is something to do in the restroom that I need another item for. Is the book actually in the restroom?

Also, the only rooms the cup says I’m not done with are the Observatory, Court, Library, and these two, so it seems like there aren’t a lot of places left for a missing item to be.[/spoiler]


I’m pretty sure I am meant to steal something but I can only get the realtor to suggest I ask or tell her something

A hint please.

(Brian Rushton) #219

Notice what happens when you ask about buildings.


What topics can be looked up in the journal of Edwin Cragne? So far I have found the topics of Kadath, Yuggoth, and swamps that were mentioned as well as the topics of war and Cragne, but I haven’t found any other entries about travels or philosophy.