Counterfeit Monkey


Dammit, Matt, that is where I’m stuck! (Esprit de la forum post, work your magic…?)


You need to save the teenagers from arrest, and get away free yourself.

After a little while, the All-Purpose Officer leaves his restoration gel rifle unattended. Yoink.

So while he’s distracted, you’d better save the kids.

Are you wearing the monocle?

How has the Officer secured them?

They’re attached to a brown tree.

Shoot the tree with the restoration gel rifle.


Oh! I missed this detail completely. Go go gadget reading comprehension!


Ah, finished it! (thanks in part to just a few well placed hints from this thread :wink:) This was really well done… the most fun I’ve had with IF in a long time =]

I’m not sure how many endings there are, but I’ve only found:

1) after defeating Atlantida leave without restoring her, Andra’s personality takes over at the end
2) if you restore Atlantida before leaving, it doesn’t explicitly mention they’re unfused but I noticed the parser changes to “you” instead of “we” at the very end
These were both with sending the student out of Cold Storage - unfortunately now Ive mucked up my savegames so cant go back :confused:
Actually, I was wondering if I’m missing something that can be done during the endgame on the yacht because there are so many rooms/objects implemented there. I couldn’t really do anything of note, but I did find an easter egg about Emily’s varytale game in Andra’s room;). I found Brock’s laptop and wonder if you can do something with the flash drive, but I realized I had earlier turned my pastis into a pa and got him killed at cold storage, so couldn’t make the password, doh… oh well, maybe I can replay it in hard mode!


I feel really silly for asking this (having already asked for a hint after getting stuck previously but:

[spoiler]Where the hell is the fuel for the car?

Also, I found oil twice (from soil and from fossil), and lost them both times when given to the mechanic. I hope I didn’t lose something necessary…[/spoiler]


I haven’t finished yet, so I don’t know if soil or fossils will be needed again, but I guess it can’t hurt to revert to a save game shortly before the whole car-thing, if you can.

As for the other thing:

Did you go to the little beach in the northwest?

There’s something stuck in the sand there.

It seems like there are some nasal consonants begging for removal…


another possibility is:

there’s also a second way to get some “gas”

use the pedestal on “sag”… can’t recall now how I removed things to make the “sag”, but its possible


I’m at Tall Street:

I’m trying to hit the pinata, and it says I need a blindfold. I tried wearing the bandana, but that doesn’t work. What do I do?


What you’re trying should work. There’s a minor bug/inconvenience where you can only wear one head-thing at a time, so if you’re wearing anything else, you’ll need to take it off. If you’re wearing a thing the game considers a costume, you’ll need to do that in private.


Can you share your solution? That’s exactly where I’m stuck, and I’ve resorted to waving my letter-remover at random objects…


If you buy a drink, you can return it to its original form using something else you have.

Buy it, then gel it.


In the Bureau, with a score of 82

How do I find ammo for the anagramming gun?


In the Bureau, with a score of 79. Trying to figure out how to:

Perform the third test on the t-inserter: a word where it could build more than one thing. I can’t leave the room, and I’m concerned I might not have an object that works.

Gentle hints please? Here is my (rather overflowing) inventory:

We are carrying:
a tad
a peat
an key (which opens the apartment door)
a top
a letter
a pastis
some pants (being worn)
some sage
a page
an eel
an applet
a roll
a monocle
a ring (which opens the sturdy iron gate)
a steer automaton
a toil
a wig (being worn)
a jigsaw
a jotter
an arm
a word
a stick
a shuttlecock
some screws
a cross
a screwdriver
a draft document
a coat
a shrimp tail
a crumpled cocktail napkin
a silver platter
a bandana
a sign
a honey pastry triangle
a pocket-bread
a piece
a shopping bag
a ball
a pair of Britishising goggles (being worn)
a map of Slangovia
some trash
a shred
a poppy
a bin
a stuffed octopus
a ticket
a member
a May
a tome
a backpack (being worn, and open)
some Origin Paste
a tub (open)
some restoration gel
a flash drive
Guidebook to Anglophone Atlantis
your D-remover (upgraded to handle
animates and abstracts)


I see at least three objects there that would work, if you remove the correct letters first: the steer automaton, the piece, and the applet.

My personal favorite in that list, and the one that would take you the least transformation to use, is the automaton.

Take out the T and try again, and see what else it will make.


Aha! I was confused because I didn’t expect to have to put the same thing in twice – I thought if I had the right thing it would somehow indicate that it could have gone either way and the test would be passed.

Now I need to figure out how the apple and piece can be transformed, just to satisfy my curiosity!

Thanks for the help, and especially for the wonderful IF, Emily. It’s really brilliant.


Also, this recent Onion article made me think of this game.


gentle: If you were anagram bullets, where would you hide?
progressively less gentle:

Perhaps as an anagram?

But an anagram of a phrase with that many letters would surely be a pretty weird object.

It’s not far away.

solution: Did you see the lamb granulates in the Equipment Archive? Monocle/gel them!

(Electronic Samurai) #78

Hello all! I’m stuck near the end - I’m not sure what needs to be done with the boiler in the generator room. I don’t see any indication of what object(s) needs to be loaded into the bucket. I’ve already plugged the dais into the wall with the power cord - any help?


Put anything in the bucket and take note of the operation being performed (or attempted.) Find an object for which that operation will succeed.


About the endings

I’ve finished it, but I don’t know how to get the ending where you turn the atlantida back into Atlantida. I assume I need to somehow turn the little a into a capital A. The stuff in Private Solarium seems promising (the jacks are arranged in a letter A and there is an A on the napkin) but I don’t know what to do with it.