Counterfeit Monkey


That’s not quite quite the approach you need.

Did you find any clues about how Atlantida was created in the first place?

You need to backtrack a little.

The dais, back on the other side of the portcullis, has a homonym function.


So, I picked up the game again after a few days of work and personal stuff:

Where do I find the pastis – or what else can I use to get the password for the university’s computer?



You probably picked it up in converted form. Look at your inventory again.

Use the gel on the “as”.


Finished the game.

Is there any solution to the Cold Storage other than sending out Brock, or sending out a random prisoner? I was thinking I would need to send out an object that’s much more dangerous in its natural than transmogrified form… but nothing came to mind.


Could I get a hint about how I can manipulate the church inscription? Setting the letter remover to Greek letters doesn’t work.


There is another solution, but you’re not going to like it.

In earlier versions, it was possible to create fake people and throw them out. No longer.

Gel yourself and have Andra take the fall.

It can’t be manipulated; it’s just a bit of flavour about the island’s history and culture.


Oh, I thought Emily mentioned earlier that something could be done with it.


It’s possible to do something that interacts with the altar, which was part of the earlier question.

Solving that is an achievement, but doesn’t contribute to the main puzzle arc at all. It’s pure easter egg.


Anyone figure out hard mode Waterstone yet?

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Fnqyl, ur jba’g whfg ybbx ng gur pehzcyrq pbpxgnvy ancxva, orpnhfr “pbpxgnvy” bhtug gb shysvyy uvf erdhverzrag nyy ol vgfrys.

Also, how do you get the “cntr”? I have found references to that in people’s questions and the errata notes, but I never figured out how to obtain it.


That’s all of them? Aw. (Spoilers/comments for all endings.)

[spoiler]I figured there’d be another Cold Storage solution toward a non-fused ending. Andra’s dream suggests Alex’s project could still happen, but in the pro-Andra, no-Atlantida ending, Alex is less than optimistic. Still, maybe the pro-Andra, new-Atlantida ending means Andra is listening to Alex’s needs enough for the arrangement to work.

I guess you could say the pro-Alex route gives an equally happy result, since the island revolution and yacht crew wind up the same no matter whom you sacrifice. (And it has my favorite closing line.) But we end in Andra’s world, so I’m skewed toward wanting her to be happy. Andra is also “you-the-player” while Alex is “I-the-parser,” so if I’m forced to choose between them, I feel better when Andra’s won. The pro-Alex endgame is much more jarring, with all the pronouns defiantly I rather than you. You ought to be equally noteworthy for replacing we, but I completely missed that the first time because you is so neutral in IF. When Alex won’t let me leave without remaking Atlantida, I feel like I’m suddenly in Rameses. His endgame narration is almost invasive (“I open your wardrobe”) and his reply to Brock is no more pleasant.[/spoiler]


I suspected that, but I assumed it’s impossible to get back past the portcullis after the counterweight is destroyed


All right: bonus question!

What instrument would Anglophone Atlantis have had for solving the guess-the-verb problem?


you can use something from Atlantida’s apartment to open the portcullis from inside[/spoiler][spoiler]something you find on the balcony

the jacks


It’s on the podium.

Did you (or anyone else) ever figure out the hard-mode Watertstone? I’m still baffled, though my messing about got me a couple of achievements in the meantime. Is there a list of all them anywhere? Here’s what I have so far:

Admiral Thoureaux award for removing every letter of the alphabet in one playthrough
Alex Rosehip award for completing the game in easy mode
Amanda Waterstone award for discovering cultic passages
Finished tutorial mode
Jocasta Higgate award for reconstructing pagan worship on the island
Lucius Quagmire award for viewing unusual films
Propper Rosehip award for talespinning

What have other people gotten?


I’ve been less hasty about giving hints about hard mode, since presumably people doing hard mode want to have that genuine challenge-y experience. But here are some hints that don’t totally give it away. First, a suggestion about the method you’ll probably need to use:

The synthesizer may be even more powerful than you give it credit for.

For instance, in the synthesizer in easy mode, you could make COCK + SHRIMP TAIL = SHRIMP COCKTAIL, not just COCKSHRIMP TAIL or SHRIMP TAILCOCK. What does that imply to you about how the synthesizer works?

…and a couple oblique clues about specific solutions to this puzzle:

One of the possible solutions is a cheese.

Another is a set of bowl-like containers.


I was a little disappointed that you couldn’t use

the ass and the lie

to make


or to use

the ass, as, and sin

to make

an assassin

Though I guess that last one is against the rules. :slight_smile:


In the university section, is there any way to

save Professor Higgate?

I managed to

turn on the secretary’s computer and look up her page, with a copy of her stamp of certification,

but I can’t figure out what to do with it.



You may be able to do her some good later, and indirectly.


Even if you could, it’d cause problems, because…

…saving her at that point would presumably offend Waterstone, who is right there and is implied to have caused the whole thing by reporting her to eliminate a rival for tenure – and you need his support (even once you physically have the invitation) to back you up on the phone by saying he gave it to you.


Waterstone’s gone by this point. (And Waterstone certainly doesn’t need tenure.) I think you mean Brown, whose support is irrelevant at this point.

(Steven Watson) #100

Really enjoying this so far, but alas I am in need of a hint (at 39 points):

I’m guessing by the fact that the game is still telling me to check the dead drop that I need to find a way to expand the hole or declutter the junk? If so, how is this done. Gentle hints would be much appreciated, it’s probably something silly I missed anyway.