Counterfeit Monkey

(Petter Sjölund) #261

That sounds like a bug. Do you remember what happened exactly?

The first time you try to put gel on the people in cold storage, the game should ask you if you are sure you want to send out one of these poor bastards. If you put gel on them again after restoring the woman, it should say “Choosing the nearest thing to us, we apply a little restoration gel. Nothing happens, though. It seems this particular object has forgotten what it used to be.”


I need some help on the part with the handcuffed teenagers. I’m not sure what to do. I think I was supposed to take the gel rifle when the officer was climbing the statue, but when he was doing that, I wanted to see all the dialog so I just waited the whole time. Is there something I am missing or do I need to restart the game?



I took the gel rifle as you describe. I do not know if there is an alternate solution - but the solution I used at least, you seemed to have passed up..

(Petter Sjölund) #264

Depending on which version you are playing, you might still be able to get the rifle by

letter-changing the olive branch.

In the unreleased version on Github, there are a number of changes meant to prevent this scene from coming to a standstill.


I’m so relieved to see this page is active!

I’m stuck at the Antechamber in the Bureau with 73 pts. I’ve shown what I needed to show, but

the secretary is on the phone with Waterstone and the only response I seem to be able to garner is “I’m handling this” or “Sure, hang in there,” etc from Alex. I have no idea what they’re getting at by suggesting we behave as much like Waterstone as possible.


Nevermind, think I was bugged out. Restored a previous save and everything proceeded normally.

(Petter Sjölund) #267

Laurbraz, do you still have the bugged save file? It would be interesting to take a look and see if there is a bug that can be fixed.


Yes, actually. You’d have to explain to me how to pass it on though.


I’m also currently having a similar issue with plug cord in chamber. It simply goes to the next line with no response, as if I were meant to answer a y/n question, which has the double-annoying effect of 1 not working and 2 not telling me if I’m wrong.

(Petter Sjölund) #270

Laurbraz, you’ve got PM!

(Petter Sjölund) #271

About the cord thing: the weird response is a bug, but the Etymological Reversing Chamber is a red herring.


You’re a blessing and a gift, thank you! I was about to move on with my life when I had already carved out my evening for fiddling around with this.

(Petter Sjölund) #273

You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate to let me know about any other bugs you find!


i am seeing [** Programming error: tried to read (something) **]. i found this thread through google. someone else had the problem, but i didn’t see any resolution. i also found an updated version on github:

is it safe for me to upgrade and still use my same save file? i don’t want to start the game over. or should i keep playing this bugged copy?

(matt w) #275

Unfortunately, save files in Counterfeit Monkey (and other games made with Inform) can’t be transferred to other versions of the same game.

(Petter Sjölund) #276

That error message is probably harmless. Is this when examining the sculpture or when looking in Lecture Hall (at the podium)?


it’s when looking in the lecture hall

(Petter Sjölund) #278

That means you are playing an old version, but the error is cosmetic and harmless.


thank you


Does anyone have a list of all points available? I have just finished the game with 99/100 points, and would like to figure out where I missed the one point. For reference, I’ve attached my score report: