Counterfeit Monkey

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I think you are missing

1 point for using the umlaut punch.


Hi, I’ve finished this wonderful game and am now in hard mode. I know that this mode doesn’t get too many hints because it’s made to be difficult, but I’m absolutely stuck at the moment. I try to match my hair for the pass but as far as I can tell, the wig doesn’t work here. I’ve tried making hair from the chair, but it just makes one hair. And now I’m wondering if I can synthesize some hairstyle or something like that. Any hints would be very welcome at this point.

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Have you found the piece?


What can you make with the hair and the piece?


Oh thanks. Totally missed that.


I see this question has been asked but only partially answered.

I got the drop from the hole and my only listed goal is to trace Brock’s movements at the shop. I cannot enter the shop because every time I try I’m just shooed back out in the same move and I can’t do anything else. I read that I’m supposed to get a map but I’ve been everywhere the game lets me go and saw no maps. I have no clue what I did wrong and there was no indication that I even did anything wrong. I don’t have a previous save to restore and I reallly don’t feel like starting over from scratch so any help is greatly appreciated.

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What have you tried to do with what’s in the hole?


Thanks! It’s funny that such a generic question should help me figure this out. The problem was the appointment card was in my backpack which the game doesn’t recognize as me having it. I feel kind of silly now.

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Glad you figured it out!

EDIT: This is now changed on Github, so in the next version you will not have to take it out of the backpack. Thanks for pointing it out!