Cannot Download "The Untold Story"

The direct download link on the IFComp website does not allow me to download “The Untold Story.”

Clicking the link leads to a page full of gibberish, and Right Click -> Download causes a JavaScript file that doesn’t do anything to be downloaded. Removing the .js from this file does not result in a playable .gblorb file.

The version of the game included in the IFComp package .zip contains more files than the direct download, but also does not work.

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I’m having this problem too.

This looks like an upload error by the author.

The file The_Untold_Story.gblorb.js is base64-encoded. You can recover a playable game file by stripping off the header and using a base64 decoder. On MacOS/Linux, try:

cut -d "'" -f2 The_Untold_Story.gblorb.js | tail +2 | head -1 | base64 --decode > The_Untold_Story.ulx

(This is the general formula for unpacking the .gblorb.js that Inform generates with its “release a playable website” option. Yes, you wind up with a raw Glulx file rather than a Blorb-packed Glulx file. The file suffix has always been wrong.)

Would someone be willing to post a decoded file on this thread? I don’t have mac or linux

Here’s the decoded file: The_Untold_Story.ulx (762 KB)



Oh, brilliant! Thanks, StJohnLimbo!

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Thanks for your work on this file. I was beginning to think we would have to take the title of this game literally :smile:.

For the author, the update you did yesterday now gives an incorrect link to your own local computer. If you have this game posted somewhere online, grab that url and put it in your updated docx instead. Thanks.